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Wholesale organic herbs can be bought cut or as plants. Consider buying organic bulk herbs and preserving for future use. Planting herbs indoors or outdoor? Use organic herb seeds to start your crop.

Finding wholesale organic herbs isn’t as difficult as it used to be. A lot of suppliers offer discounts to people with sales tax numbers, or those who buy over a set amount online. The wonderful part about organic bulk herbs is that you can save a lot of money by buying this way. Where organics are normally a little more expensive than commercially produced product, bulk purchases help to reduce the price differences.

What to Buy:

Before you begin buying wholesale, it's important to think about what you really need. If you can use an ingredient in three different recipes, preparations, and so on, then it’s a pretty good bet - you’ll save money. By the way, this approach was used by medieval herbalists to figure out what they should buy and grow on a limited budget.

Look online to see if you can find an online fresh wholesale herb supplier in your area. I've found that the local herbal farms will sell at wholesale prices - particularly close to the end of the season: 40 lbs of fresh basil (divided between myself and my sisters) makes for a lot of pesto!

The other major consideration in shopping for wholesale organic herbs isn’t necessarily price (while that’s important), it’s your location. You need to ensure that the herbs you buy in bulk are going to be used quickly (they have a short life-span) or that you are ready to preserve the herbs in bulk.

If You Decide to Grow, Not Buy

first growth

Instead of buying organic bulk herbs, you can grow your own. If you buy organic herb seeds choose herbs that will thrive in your region.

Planting herbs isn’t difficult, but you need to understand the issues of light, water, soil, and insects. This is the time to do your research and make good choices.

In the Kitchen

Wholesale organic herbs can be a great benefit to a well-appointed pantry. It doesn’t matter if you’re cooking professionally or simply have a passion for good food, organic spices have a different, and wonderful, impact on your menu.

There are no chemical pesticides, no chemical fertilizers, no additives, no preservatives, and no colors in organic herbs. It’s something you can add to any meal, and serve to nearly anyone with pride, knowing that you’re not only supporting healthy lifestyles but also cooking 'green'.

Preserving and Storing Herbs

If your wholesaler requires you to order larger quantities of herb (normally a pound or more), you want to think ahead about how to preserve this product.

You might choose to freeze; or dry and store in dark, dry, and cool areas in well labeled jars; and or you can add the dried herbs as a spice using a foundation of olive oil or vinegar to preserve it.

There is no reason to by wholesale if it’s not going to truly save you money. If you can’t use the amount of herb you purchased within 6 months, even if you preserve it, it’s going to lose in quality and taste, and potentially become organic compost!

Using Organic Bulk Herbs

Some people buy in bulk prior to the holidays so that they can make customized gifts (using herbs) for family and friends.

Others buy in bulk and split the herbs with other members of the family (so everyone gets 1/8th for example). And still other people buy in bulk for restaurants or community kitchens. Make sure that you can use the quantity you want to buy; don't waste the organic herbs.

Organic Herb Seeds and Gardens:

If buying bulk is more than you can use in your daily cooking, then planting herbs in an outdoor or indoor herb garden can be very satisfying. Grow your herbs from seeds and organically for the best taste and health benefits.

Buying wholesale organic herbs are a great way for crafters and cooks alike to have quality products that are also ecologically friendly. Those who are focused on living healthier lifestyles will appreciate the organic element, and everyone will enjoy the vibrant taste and aroma these herbs provide.

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