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Wholesale organic foods are part of a growing organic food culture to bring bulk organic foods to customers at increasingly better prices. Believe it or not, you can buy through organic food mail order and online organic suppliers. Order organic food in bulk for cost savings (and share with family and friends).

How to Order Organic Food?

Wholesale supply companies typically sell bulk organic foods to other companies or to customers who can buy these organic foods in large volume. These organic foods are sold to organic food stores in large quantities so that the stores qualify for discounts from the wholesale company.

Ideally, this means that the customer gets the benefit of those savings and bulk organic foods are less expensive for the individual.

Bulk Organic Foods

Bulk organic foods are beneficial for the customer but a few moments of contemplation when considering your bulk items can save you time and hassle later. You need to carefully check how bulk organic foods are priced and packaged by your wholesale organic foods store.

Make sure that your good deal really is good by comparing the price per unit (pound, ounce, or piece of fruit for example) with other bulk organic foods. If the lower price is attractive on these items, be prepared to portion out your items to suit your needs.

For example, if you're buying 40 lbs of organic tomatoes divide the cost, and the quantity, with your family and friends. Many bulk organic foods are not packaged for individual sale. While this system may be a bit unfamiliar, it will provide you with the power to select your organic foods, get the quality, buy locally (often you can buy directly from the farm or from the producer) and get a good price.

Organic Food Mail Order

Organic food mail order will come in handy if your local town grocer doesnÂ’t stock your favorite bulk organic foods. Many catalogs and websites are available for you to order organic foods from anywhere, almost anytime (particularly if those foods are dried or canned).

You can order organic food from a catalog if you want to peruse the pages at your leisure, or you can order with companies who offer online options to reduce the need for printed catalogs. Organic food mail order might actually be better done online where items can rapidly change with the seasons and companies can offer discounts because they save on printing and advertising.

Buying Wholesale Organic Foods

Here are a few tips for when you order organic food:

  • Ask for references from the local organic store or find out which company supplies their bulk organic foods;
  • Choose companies that clearly state their company policies and organic practices;
  • Learn what the term organic means to a company and how it might be different from a certified organic item;
  • Make sure that your organic supplier is sourcing its product as locally as possible, and from sustainable and ethical producers;
  • Purchase bulk organic foods that you have used before as your first order to check the overall quality of a new company;
  • Ask a friend (or three) to go in on a bulk organic foods order to take full advantage of wholesale prices;
  • Check with the wholesale organic foods company to make sure that they sell to individuals or that they have no minimum purchase requirement.

Wholesale organic foods are widely available in most major markets and will provide you with opportunities to explore the wide world of healthy foods, without breaking the bank.

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