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Wholesale organic essential oils are found in perfumes, food flavorings and aromatherapy. The oils contain essence of the plant (taste and smell); organic cooking oil can be infused with organic herbs.

Organic essential oils are a great addition to any craft or healer’s kit; and a good addition to many kitchens. Essential oils are concentrated plant essence. In organic form, they contain no chemical pesticides or fertilizers, no additives or preservatives.

In other words, wholesale organic essential oil is distilled Mother Nature that can really make a difference in various projects.

Like what? How about organic cooking oils in flavors you love (infused with rosemary, or basil, or oregano)? Or perhaps you’d like to try an organic tea to which you add some essential oil for aromatherapy, or for its health benefit? It’s true! Essential oil has been known to relax, provide energy, refresh perspectives, and decrease stress depending on the herb used.

Wholesale Organic Essential Oils: Craft Wise

There are a lot of beauty products that people make at home using organic essential oils combined with other components. Examples include shampoo, body cleansers, skin moisturizers, facial masks, and soap. Besides the potent impact of essential oils, some people like to add other items like Vitamin A, C, or E so that there’s an anti-oxidant effect too.

Hand crafted organic products are gaining in popularity. While you might have to do some research into local and national laws governing the sale of what you want to make, there’s no question that consumers want natural, healthy alternatives to commercial items.

To really hit the pulse of this market - customize. People love something that’s been made just for them.

Organic Cooking Oil and More: Buying Guide

In order to enjoy the cost savings of wholesale organic essential oil, you will likely need either a business license or tax number. You can do either online usually depending on the country in which you live. In the US, you can get a business tax number online, and apply for a business license through your state.

Having said that, there are some wholesalers who are opening their door directly to consumers; providing you spend a minimum amount. The base varies from site to site and/or company to company. The least is usually around $50, which isn’t hard to spend if you’re using essential oils for crafts and/or culinary purposes regularly.

For businesses, some of these sites offer customized labels etc. to help sell your final product. For the rest of us, these sites will also often send small samples so you can be sure you like what you’re ordering before it arrives in full bulk.

No matter what, not all wholesale organic products are created equal, and that is also true of buying wholesale organic essential oils. Definitely do your research to see if the company you are buying from has any negative reviews or reports from consumer agencies. Review their shipping and return policies and compare prices.

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