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What is organic food? Understanding organic food facts and processes help to define organic food. An organic trend is to use local suppliers; and have organic food delivered to your door (to reduce trips to the market).

Many are asking "What is Organic Food?"
Here Are Some Answers:

Organic food, natural cleaners, green businesses, even organic clothing; natural and organic products continue to be the centre of attention for those seeking a healthier lifestyle, but just what is organic food, is this organic trend long-lasting, and what organic food facts provide compelling reasons to grow, shop, cook and eat organic food?

what is organic food

To define organic food, you need to understand where organics came from. Small farms have been practicing organic cultivation for centuries.

Local farmers' markets, roadside produce stands, and other small establishments were once the only places to purchase fresh, organic food.

Today, organic food accounts for 2% of global food sales and is growing at an average rate of 20% each year. Today, you can have your organic food delivered, buy it online, at your local grocery store, grow it yourself and order organic food at many restaurants. This continuing rise in demand creates a need for regulations to protect both consumers and farmers.

Define Organic Food

Most developed countries have adopted a set of standards for organic food production. Certified organic products must meet these regulations to carry the organic label.

While standards differ depending on the country, there are some common traits that define organic foods.

  • Organic farmland is protected from human waste, sewage sludge, and other contaminants.
  • Conventional pesticides and fertilizers are traded for chemical-free cultivation techniques.
  • Organic foods are not genetically modified.
  • Animals that are raised for organic food live stress-free lives, enjoying a diet of only organic feed.
  • Antibiotics are not used routinely, and growth hormones are never used on organic livestock.
  • Organic foods are processed and packaged without the use of preservatives and other unnatural additives.e never used on organic livestock.

Organic Food Facts:

In asking 'what is organic food', we need to know what it is not.

Organic food is not the same thing as natural food. Natural refers to the way a food is processed rather than the ingredients.

A food that is free of additives and preservatives, but contains commercially-produced ingredients, is considered natural.

Organic food contains primarily organic ingredients, while natural foods may be made with items grown with the aid of chemicals as well as genetically modified ingredients.

Organic food is not just apples and bananas. Nearly every food available also has an organic version in today’s market. Organic milk, chicken, and even pasta can be found right on the shelves of your neighbourhood supermarket.

Many leading food manufacturers are creating organic food in convenience packaging to fit into modern lifestyles. Canned organic tomatoes and frozen organic peas are among many options.

Organic food is not bland and tasteless. In fact, most people claim organic ingredients are fresher and more flavourful than conventionally grown foods.

Chemical residues, added ingredients, and hurried, mass production detract from the natural juices within fruits and vegetables. Organic food is free of chemicals, leaving nothing but pure, fresh flavour.

Regulations and procedures for organic certification are still relatively new but organic farming and cultivation are not. Farmers were using natural, chemical-free methods of growing long before pesticides and fertilizers were available.

As more research continues to reveal the dangers of these chemicals to both humans and the planet, consumers continue to explore the benefits of organic food.

For more organic food facts, visit Organic Food Information.

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