organic food information, organic food suppliers, organic recipes, organic gardening
organic food information, organic food suppliers, organic recipes, organic gardening
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Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

Make Your Own: An Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Recipe

Raw apple cider vinegar is recognized as being a natural, home remedy: use organic apple cider vinegar cures. Making your own is: a organic apple cider vinegar recipe.

What's the difference between raw and regular organic apple cider vinegar? Raw is unpasteurized.

Raw apple cider vinegar is an old, tried-and-true curative for many common ailments. And thanks to a renewed focus on home remedies and health among consumers, organic apple cider vinegar cures are again coming into the forefront; helped along by the fact that using an apple cider vinegar recipe to make the vinegar is so simple and fast.

What is Organic Raw Apple Cider Used For?

There seems to be a plethora of suggested applications for organic raw apple cider. Taking daily doses is often recommended for:

  • sinus problems
  • skin conditions like acne and dermatitis
  • flu, colds, sore throat
  • allergies
  • weight loss
  • high blood pressure or high cholesterol

Since organic raw apple cider vinegar (cider that has not been processed or pasteurized) is so good for you, why don't most people use it more? In part because they can't quite handle the taste or the fact that, unlike other vinegars, there are usually some floating bits of apple and pectin in the mix. Nonetheless, this brown vinegar is jam packed with vitamins, minerals and amino acids; including potassium that protects you from getting colds and hair loss, pectin that supports healthy blood pressure and decreases bad cholesterol, malic acid to fight bacteria and fungus and acetic acid that adjusts the body's pH balance.

If you'd like to try organic raw apple cider, there are some ways to make it a little easier on the palate including mixing it with water and honey, using it in your salad or pickles, or even applying it as a marinade.

Basic Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Recipe

If you want to start a daily 'diet' of vinegar, you can make your own raw apple cider vinegar. Use organic apples (preferably harvested in the fall). Make sure they are fully ripe because the early harvest apples will not ferment well. Wash, chop and crush your organic apples.


Use 2 teaspoons a day (in room temperature water) to balance the acidity in your stomach and for overall health. You can add a teaspoon of organic honey if you want a sweeter flavor.

To make this a daily habit, mix it up in the morning in your water bottle and drink from that bottle all day (2 teaspoons of vinegar for about 16 ounces of water). Your digestion will improve and you'll feel better.

Make sure you pick apples that have a high water (or juice content), for example MacIntosh Apples. Your chopped mixture can sit for an hour, then strain through a cheese-cloth. Continue until you have about 2 1/2 gallons of juice (9 1/2 liters in metric measure).

Add wine yeast (NOT bread yeast): 1/2 of one packet with 1 tablespoon warm water - let it set until it starts to bubble, then stir it into the apple juice. Pour the juice into containers - make sure you do not fill all the way to the top of the container: fill only 3/4 of the way up. Place the lids on the containers but do NOT close or seal them (the lids will prevent bugs from entering but you still need to allow airflow).

On a daily basis, mix and stir the bend. Do this for about one month. Keep the containers between 60 and 80 degrees fahrenheit (room temperature) in a dark area. By the end of the month the juice should smell like vinegar!

Strain the liquid carefully and rebottle. You can freeze the vinegar or can it in sterilized containers. You can keep the vinegar in the fridge for regular use; do not keep it for longer than two weeks in the fridge once the seal is broken.

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organic food suppliers, organic food information, organic recipes, organic gardening

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