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Pure Organic Coconut Oil

Use as an Organic Cooking Oil, and More

Pure organic coconut oil is good for use as an organic cooking oil, for cooking, for skin care, for hair care and more. Organic palm oil also has good benefits for your health.

Pure organic coconut oil is a very useful item to have in any home. You can use it for everything from skin and hair care to cooking! And thanks to the fact that you got organic cooking oil, you know that what you're consuming has no chemical additives or preservatives to undermine your health.

Pure Organic Coconut Oil: So Good for You!

Like organic palm oil, organic coconut oil has numerous positive effects. It alleviates stress, balances out cholesterol, supports weight loss goals by improving digestion and metabolic rates -- all while lowering your risk for cancer! The reason for this is that organic coconut oil contains three acids: lauric, capriylic and capric. These acids are known for their antioxidant, antibacterial and antifungal qualities. Lauric acid specifically fights bacterial infections. If all that weren't enough, coconut oil also contains Vitamins K and E, and beneficial minerals like Iron.

Using Organic Coconut Oil:

As mentioned, there are a lot of potential applications for coconut oil, particularly for personal care and cooking. Let's start with beauty treatments. Have you ever considered giving your scalp a good massage with coconut oil? It will encourage healthy hair growth while feeding your scalp and hair roots. For those with dry, flaking scalp skin or damaged hair, coconut oil can become a great helpmate (in fact, coconut oil is a common ingredient in dandruff products!).

While you're working coconut oil into your hair, go ahead and put some on your face! It's a fantastic moisturizer that deters flaking skin, wrinkles, and the sags that make you look older. If you have eczema or dermatitis, you'll find that coconut oil is very soothing and alleviates infections.

As an Organic Cooking Oil

In terms of culinary applications, yes, organic coconut oil has saturated fat, but the lauric acid still provides a heart-smart product that combats high cholesterol. Additionally, using coconut oil supports healthy thyroid functioning, eases irritable bowel syndrome, and boosts overall energy levels because it helps your body better absorb necessary minerals and vitamins. Specifically it's great for building stronger bones and teeth thanks to working cooperatively with calcium.

Last but certainly not least, this oil is very helpful to your immune system. This means you'll be healthy more often, and when you do become ill - the sickness won't last as long. Coconut oil also speeds up the healing for external injuries.

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