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A Healthy Food Choice (in moderation)

Organic wine is becoming more available; as an organic beverage it is a healthy food choice. Some areas have a certified organic wine making program to prove sustainable growing and processing methods.

Organically produced wine is becoming more easily available throughout the world. Organic farming is a carefully planned process that enhances the soil and protects wildlife by eliminating the use of harmful chemicals. Vineyards require a rich soil and are prone to insect damage, making organic grape farming tedious but well worth it.

organic wine and foodA glass of wine with dinner is becoming the norm as more evidence continues to support its health benefits.

Organically produced wine combines the advantages of traditional wine with the rewards of organic cultivation for a wine that is unsurpassed in quality, taste, and goodness.

From a tasting point-of-view (and I have had to conduct some tasting tests), organic wine does seem to have a richer flavor and body).

Chemical-free farming ensures a wine that is clean and pure, not tainted with damaging residues.

Organic Wine Making

Making wine organically entails much more than tending grapevines without the use of traditional pesticides and fertilizers. Once the organic grapes reach the winery, the wine is made using as few chemicals and treatment processes as possible.

Sulfur dioxide is a necessary additive, but an organically produced wine uses at least one-third less than the amount found in typical wines. This chemical is usually associated with hangovers.

Is Organically Produced Wine Better?

organic white wineBesides reducing hangovers, organically produced and processed wines are free of the residues left by conventional farming methods and can reduce the risks of diseases as well as common allergies.

Chemical-free cultivation and production also promotes a healthier environment by minimizing energy and water consumption and eliminating chemical run-off in our water supplies.

Perhaps the leading reason more wine lovers are choosing organic is the pure, full taste that comes from a natural product.

Organic Beverage: Wine

France is considered the birthplace of wine, both organic and conventional and is still one of the largest suppliers in the world. Today, there are more than 500 certified organic vineyards operating across the planet.

  • Italy is quickly increasing production with chemical-free vineyards scattering the countryside.
  • In Spain, organically produced wines are also becoming more common.
  • Organic grape farming in Germany is developing fast as well, but continues to trail the advancements in the above countries.
  • Winemakers in California are going organic too, devoting more than 1,100 hectares to vineyards tended without the use of chemicals.
  • Other countries that contribute to the global supply of organically produced wine include New Zealand, Australia, Chile, Argentina, South Africa, Greece, and Portugal.

organic red wineThis widespread production has created a diverse selection for wine drinkers looking for a more planet-friendly option.

Organic versions of merlot, chardonnay, zinfandel, and other popular wines can be found around the world. Because organic wines are made through a chemical-free process - from grapes that were grown as naturally as possible - connoisseurs often consider them some of the finest.

In moderation, wine is recognized as being a healthy food choice (actually it's a healthy drink choice); even more so if produced organically. Whether you are drinking for your health or for the pleasure, replacing your conventionally produced wine with an organic variety is better for you, your taste buds, and the environment.

You can choose a rich merlot from South America or may decide on a fine white from grapes in the vineyards of Tuscany - whatever your preference, give organic wine a try and taste the difference. If you have an organic wine or organic vineyard you would like to recommend, please use the Contact Us form. We'll check out the referral and add it to the page if it fits.

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