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organic food information, organic food suppliers, organic recipes, organic gardening
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And Natural Whey Protein Powder

Organic whey protein powder is a good supplement to your diet. Organic and natural whey protein powder are good sources of protein and amino acids. Find out more whey protein facts and how to use whey protein in your everyday diet.

First, recognize that organic and natural are not the same thing. Look for organic whey and if you can't find organic, look for natural. It is most often found at health food stores and some pharmacies also sell it.

For individuals looking to improve on their muscle structure and bone density, organic whey protein is an essential supplementary element to your diet.

Protein takes time to digest in the body, meaning you can burn more calories without getting hungry as quickly. Additionally, protein 'eats' glucose, which in turn gives your body important nutritional support. Organic whey protein is also good for you if your diet is light on meats.

So What is Organic Whey?

Do you remember the children’s rhyme about curds and whey? Well, whey protein comes from cow’s milk, and it’s a very rich source of amino acids. Organic whey protein is simply whey that’s been obtained from a certified organic process.

What does 'certified organic' mean to you? It means that the organic whey protein powder that you’re adding to beverages or food has never been touched by chemical additives, preservatives, or colorings. It also means that the land on which the cows were raised for the whey did not receive chemical fertilizers or pesticides. It is simply nature at nature's very best.

Isolated Whey versus Concentrate:

Organic whey protein comes in both isolated and concentrated forms. The isolated whey is far more expensive, but it’s also better for you nutritionally. The concentrated version doesn’t hold as much value to your overall diet and exercise protocol.

Value of Organic Whey Protein

Organic whey protein powder provides many health benefits, the primary of which is helping a person create lean muscles. This means that the time you put into a workout is maximized for those focusing on body building and shaping.

Additionally, organic whey is a good weight loss 'assistant' that supports the immune system and recovery systems. Better still our bodies absorb organic whey protein very easily, and use it effectively.

Whey Protein Facts: Daily Supplemental Amounts

The amount of organic whey protein you should take daily depends a lot on your personal goals, diet and overall exercise levels. If you’re a professional athlete you’re going to consume a lot of protein to maintain your body mass (averaging around 150 grams daily).

The average person, by comparison, may not need anywhere near that much. Always read the manufacturer's instructions carefully and try to choose a product that reflects your lifestyle, activity levels, and personal fitness goals appropriately.

Organic Whey - Mixing it up

There are a lot of ways to use organic and/or natural whey protein powder that taste great. Try mixing it with soy milk in a blender with fresh berries, for example.

Use Organic Whey:

  • Blend it with yogurt and frozen fruit for a smoothy style beverage
  • Add it to oatmeal with almonds for a hearty breakfast
  • Mix it into peanut butter cookies
  • Use it as part of muffin and bread recipes (in place of flour)
  • You can even make it into pasta!

Are There Risks to Adding Organic or Natural Whey Protein Powder to Your Diet?


Many of the organic whey powders on the market come with serving suggestions, and offer even more recipes on their websites and blogs.

Any time you’re changing your diet or exercise plan, it’s good to consult with a physician. This is doubly true if you’re on medication or have pre-existing physical conditions that could be adversely affected by organic or natural whey protein powder.

As with any supplement, more is not always 'better' and people achieve far better results from organic whey protein when they use it in conjunction with a sound diet and exercise program.

Cost Factors

On average a pound of organic whey powder runs about $13.00 US. This is a little higher than non-organic whey simply because the cost of man hours to produce quality, healthy organic products is higher.

If you’re going through the time and trouble of getting healthy, and staying healthy, the slightly elevated cost of organic whey powder is very worthwhile. It’s also good for the planet!

Additional Recommendation

My daughter is 23 years old, very active (she's a swimmer) and in good shape. She doesn't eat red meat, doesn't like seafood, and is, in general, a picky eater (she's not outgrown that - yet). Because of her eating habits, we've always paid close attention to her protein intake. She needs regular daily protein powder to supplement her diet. From time to time, she also needs a 'pick me up' or energy booster.

If you, or a member of your family, is active but tired (or tired and not active), we recommend a natural remedy called Fatigue Fighter to boost energy levels, fight fatigue and bring life back into your system. Fatigue Fighter is produced by Native Remedies and is FDA approved; it is a holistic herbal remedy that is recommended as an 'energy assist'. Please ensure that you talk to your doctor before taking any natural remedies; extreme fatigue can be a symptom of serious health issues.

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