organic food information, organic food suppliers, organic recipes, organic gardening
organic food information, organic food suppliers, organic recipes, organic gardening
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Organic Weed Control is Possible and Effective

Organic weed killer is an organic weed control method you can use for your garden. Other organic garden supplies like organic aquatic weed killer for ponds and lakes, and organic lawn care products, are also important.

If you’ve been working diligently on a green home and garden, the good news is that information regarding organic weed killer and organic weed control methods have become much easier to obtain.

You do not have to use chemical fertilizers and herbicides that are bad for you and the environment any longer. Not only are there organic lawn care products in the market place, but there are a fair number of ways to control weeds without investing a ton of money too.

A lot of weeds grow year round, and not all of them are terrible for your lawn and garden. Some, like dandelions, while fast-spreading, are edible and have a variety of culinary uses.

However they can very quickly take over a space so with this type of weed, controlling their growth is the best option over actually using organic weed killer.

Organic Weed Control by Mulching

For organic vegetable gardening (and fruit gardening) beds, at the borders, and around trees, one of the simplest approaches to weed control is old fashioned mulch. Mulch suppresses weed growth by blocking sunlight to the soil below.

Not only will the mulch act as an organic weed killer, but it also feeds your soil AND can help with termite problems in your home by attracting the insects away from the frame toward the yard.

Beyond this, mulch helps even out drainage in your garden, and deters mold and mildew in areas that would otherwise be susceptible to such growth.

If you’ve already got very healthy soil, you can consider using a cloth weed block along with the mulch. This doubles the sun-blocking effect, and then your mulch will last longer as a decorative element.

Organic Gardening: Rooting Around

If you're actually going to pull out weeds as a means of organically controlling them, then a fork is a good choice of gardening tools. You don’t want to chop weed clumps as this can actually end up multiplying the roots (leaving parts behind to re-grow).

However taproot weeds - like dandelion and dock - respond better to the use of a spade; and surface weeds can be readily gathered by a decent hoe.

The best method for manual organic weed control is to start pulling when you have only a small number of weeds. If you've allowed weeds to overgrow your garden and lawn it will be a long, hard job to pull those weeds out.

Organic Weed Killer Includes Flame Weeding

Flame weeding uses a vapor torch to burn the weeds at an early stage of their life-cycle.

The flame destroys the weed's cell structure which results in no/little energy to grow. This weed control method requires great care (you don't want to burn the garden, or more).

While you can’t use flame weeding when a garden is already established, you can use it between the cracks in your drive way, walkways, and in-between crop rows if you have a large garden.

The flame method of organic weed control neatly destroys the sugar supply to the roots. For vegetable growers, onions and carrots seem to like the neighboring soil effect.

Organic Lawn Care Products: Fill up the Spaces:

Once you get a patch of garden or lawn cleared don’t just leave it unprotected. Either re-seed mulch or put down some other organic weed control.

Otherwise you’re just inviting those sneaky plants to return (with their gratitude for such a tidy place to re-establish their roots!).

By the way, not all lawns have to consist of grass. Why not grow creeping thyme, for example? It’s not only hearty and an excellent ground cover that naturally deters weeds, but it smells great when you mow!

Aquatic Weed Control:

If you have ponds, ditches or drains, lakes or other water features on your property, you may need to use organic aquatic weed control methods.

Water needs to be fully oxygenated to improve water for insects and fish, which in turn result in improved water and reduced aquatic weeds. There are a number of pumps or aerators available that can be used to oxygenate water.

Pace Yourself and Your Garden Will Thrive

When you first begin with organic weed control the task may seem overwhelming. No matter what size a yard or garden you have, you’re not going to fix all the weed issues in one day, let alone one growing season. There’s a lot of hard work to be done. The key is consistency and frequency.

Consider your schedule, then pick out an area of your garden that you know you can manage several times a week. Once that area shows improvement and on-going health, expand your working space.

The initial area that you’ve cleaned out won't require as much of your time to maintain as it did to remedy, so you can 'budget' your land and time accordingly. While you won’t necessarily be weed free 100 percent of the time, the few weeds that sneak through will be easy to nip in the bud.

Organic weed killer and control methods get you back in touch with your land on a fairly intimate basis. Pay attention to what really works; make notes so you can use that method again.

The biggest expense for these efforts is your time and energy, but it's well worth it to avoid herbicides in your soil.

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organic food suppliers, organic food information, organic recipes, organic gardening

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