organic food information, organic food suppliers, organic recipes, organic gardening
organic food information, organic food suppliers, organic recipes, organic gardening
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What are Foods High in Vitamin C?

Organic vitamin C is a healthy supplement. What are the necessary vitamins for healthy skin and a healthy body? Use foods high in vitamin C and find organic whole food vitamin supplements.

More and more consumers are going organic in everything from their cleaning products, to their offices, to their kitchens (meats, dairy, fruits and vegetables) and now you can even add organic vitamins, such as natural and organic Vitamin C!

The move toward a more holistic, eco-friendly lifestyle isn’t that surprising.

People have been becoming more and more aware that we truly are what we eat (and breathe, and live around etc.).

In turn, consumer demand is on the rise for healthy alternatives. Organic foods and organic whole food vitamin supplements are the answer to that demand.

Organic Standards:

In order for a product to be labeled with the USDA (or other country's) certified organic label, the item must meet some very stringent standards. Many countries outside of the USA also have certification standards.

These standards include regulations on how the items is grown (pesticide free, chemical fertilizer free), to harvesting and even transport and packaging guidelines. There can be no additives, no radiation, no tinkering with genetics; just nature, naturally!

This process means that many organic items on the market right now have a slightly higher price tag than mass produced products. The labor-intensive nature of producing organics causes that price difference, but it's also what provides us with the assurance that what we're eating, drinking or using is truly 'green', organic and healthy.

Why Organic Vitamins? Vitamins for Healthy Skin and a Healthy Body

Our lives are very hectic, and many people simply do not get a balanced diet daily. That means organic supplements, including Organic Vitamin C, have become more and more important to maintaining our health, especially in supporting the immune system.

While you can certainly eat organic foods high in Vitamin C (like oranges, grapefruit and lemons) to boost your immunity, a supplement ensures you're getting enough of what you need on a regular basis.

Organic Vitamin C in Foods

You can get a fair amount of vitamin C from various fruits, vegetables and herbs. For the healthiest option, always choose organically grown products. All of these options can provide as much as 10 percent of what you need daily. Foods high in vitamin C include:

  • Broccoli & cauliflower
  • Strawberries & raspberries
  • Green leafy vegetables like collard greens and spinach
  • Citrus (grapefruit, oranges, lemons, tangerine, lime)
  • Tropical fruits (kiwi, papaya, pineapple, guava, mango)
  • Melon (cantaloupe, watermelon)
  • Spices: basil, parsley, garlic

Vitamin C Foods and Benefits:


When you use any of these items in cooking, you need to be careful. Vitamin C is water soluble, meaning that if you don’t prepare the items correctly you'll lose a lot of the benefits.

Fresh fruit and vegetables maintain the vitamin C the best (i.e. the less cooking the better). A quick steam is one way to maintain a fair amount of vitamins.

Fresh fruit and vegetables begin losing their vitamin value after about two days of storage. Keep this in mind when you buy supplies.

Organic Vitamin C has several benefits. As already mentioned, this vitamin acts as a support unit for our immune system.

It also helps detoxify the body, facilitates strong connective tissues, and its even one of the vitamins for healthy skin (being a collagen builder).

Vitamin C is known to be an antioxidant too. This means it’s a vital component to lowering our risk factor for heart disease, cancer, and the overall negative effects of aging.

To see substantive benefits from Vitamin C; take small doses throughout the day, minimally 60 mg to 200 mg. That translates into five helpings of Vitamin C foods or beverages daily.

Risks: You can 'overdose' on Vitamin C

Too much of any 'good thing' can have negative consequences. Taking too much organic vitamin C can cause a person to experience sleep disorders, headaches, and digestive issues. However, when you get your Organic Vitamin C through organic foods high in vitamin C, the risk of toxic reactions is minimal.

Additional Recommendation For Health and Immunity

Vitamin C is recognized as an immune system support. Another herbal product that also provides benefits for your immune system, is ImmunityPlus, for a strong immune system. This product is made and distributed by Native Remedies and is 100% herbal; it is also FDA approved and comes with a one year money back guarantee.

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organic food suppliers, organic food information, organic recipes, organic gardening

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