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by Govind Kumar

What is the specific meaning of organic vegetables? And how can organic foods play a role in food security in future?

Response from Kris:

Organic vegetables (and other organic foods) are grown naturally without pesticides, chemicals, genetic modification, or other unnatural interventions. Growing foods organically requires farmers to look at natural methods to encourage growth and survival of foods from conditions such as pest infestations, molds, poor soil, over-working the land, changing genetics of food - and making it more susceptible to pests, and more.

If the marketplace puts a growing emphasis on organic food, its role in food security can be significant. Intensive farming is having a destructive impact on land, water, animals and humans. Using organic farming practices can help to rebuild the land and ensure that crops naturally grow stronger.

Agriculture needs to adapt to new methods of sustainable: for example, by using reduced energy and by protecting soil fertility. Modern industrial farming techniques often employ methods focused on productivity, not on the health of the soil or the health of the produce or meats being farmed. Farming on a smaller scale reduces the impact on the environment by localizing production and, most likely, consumption.

Educational institutes globally are beginning to develop programs that help students learn 21st century small scale and sustainable in our economy and environment.

For example, Kwantlen Polytechnic University in Vancouver, Canada has just established a four year degree program in sustainable agriculture. Other universities are also expanding their programs to build stronger agricultural education for students.

Read more about the benefits of organic farming here.
And read about Meat Farming to understand the benefits of sustainable agriculture.

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