organic food information, organic food suppliers, organic recipes, organic gardening
organic food information, organic food suppliers, organic recipes, organic gardening
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Organic is Healthy Food for Children

Organic toddler food is nutritious, healthy food for children. The benefits of organic food are in the higher value of healthy food for kids. Choosing food that is grown organically (and preferably produced locally) ensures a healthy diet for children.

As the parent of a toddler there are all manner of things to worry about including the quality of children’s foods. Healthy food for children, particularly organic toddler food, is incredibly important to the overall growth and wellbeing of our kids.

Advantages of Organic Toddler Food:

Conventional supermarket food isn’t always good for you, even if it seems like it might be healthy. For example, fresh fruit and vegetables are often treated with pesticide.

The Environmental Protection Agency has warned against giving foods that may have residual pesticides because it could prove harmful to the development process, immunity, and to how effectively they can process vitamins and minerals. Additionally on-going exposure to pesticides can result in serious health conditions including cancer.

Even with regulations that limit pesticide use on crops, its uncertain how much remains on the foods that make it to our supermarkets.

Then too some soils have already been damaged by on-going pesticide treatments so that even when safer or lower quantities of pesticides get used, the plants grown in that soil can still become contaminated. Studies show that between 60-70 percent of all fruits and vegetables that make it to the market have measurable trace pesticides.,

Healthy Diet for Children: The Organic Edge

Healthy food for children needs to include some, if not all, organic food. You may not be able to afford 100% organic all the time, but the more organics you give your children, the healthier they will be.

There’s strong evidence to suggest that organic vegetables and fruits provide more nutrients and antioxidants than produce treated with pesticides. Antioxidants are very important to supporting children’s ability to fight off sicknesses.

Beyond this, let's face it - toddlers are not immune to the temptations of snack foods, which usually have an over-abundance of sugar, salt and fats. Anything we can get into their diets to offset the negative effects of these empty calories is a good thing.

Organic toddler foods have no additives, coloring, or preservatives, and thanks to clever manufacturing they come in a wide variety of flavors to please even the pickiest pallet. That variety is wonderful, especially for parents who want to expose their children to worlds of flavor and texture from the get-go while keeping it healthy!

By starting your child on organic food you’re helping develop a lifetime of good eating habits. In two years you won’t be facing upturned noses when you pull out a green salad or yogurt.

Grow & Make Your Own Healthy Food for Kids:

Reduce Cost:

One way of cutting the cost of eating healthy is to grow your own organic fruits and vegetables, then use that produce in meals that you preserve for use later.

For example, if you raise and cook squash or zucchini, you can then mash it or grate it, put it into ice cube trays, cover and freeze. This makes a perfect size to pop out as you need (and it saves time!).

You can use the ice cube sized squash as a vegetable with your toddler's meal. Or you can use defrosted zucchini in your child's birthday cake: squeeze dry the defrosted organic zucchini in paper towels and use in organic chocolate cake to add moisture and texture.

Or grow organic green beans and carrots: wash, cut, blanch and freeze them to be used in the winter months.

There's no question that most organic toddler food is a little more expensive. For a health-conscious parent that little extra seems very worth while. But what if you simply cannot afford the difference?

With today's focus on the environment and organics, Farmers' Markets have sprung up in many communities; and a number of them operate year-round.

Additionally, you can buy directly from most organic farmers (if you're close to their locations) and you can find wholesale organic food stores and retailers who sell organic food in bulk. Buy 20 lbs of organic rice or beets or carrots (or whatever) and divide the purchase and share the cost with your sister or family or friends.

You can buy freshly grown organic fruits and vegetables during the summer season; and during the balance of the year you can find canned, dried, stored, and even frozen organic foods at the markets.

Then you'll only need a few more fresh organic toddler food items from the supermarket to round out your toddler's diet.

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organic food suppliers, organic food information, organic recipes, organic gardening

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