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What's the Definition of Herbal Medicine?

Organic tinctures deliver benefits of herbal medicine in a concentrated form. What is the definition of herbal medicine? Make, or buy, your own organic tincture to supplement and support your health.

The 'green' organic movement is in full swing in many homes and that means people are exploring a lot of different options, including herbal tinctures for health.

The benefits of herbal medicine are many, not the least of which is the lack of side effects compared to synthetic compounds.

A tincture is an herbal remedy made directly from nature's garden and there's one for nearly anything that may ail you!

Organic Tinctures 101

You can buy tinctures at a variety of health food stores and cooperatives, but you can also learn how to make them at home.

To begin, you need freshly picked herbs (early in the day while their oils are most potent). You also need 100 proof vodka and a sterilized jar with a tight lid. And a strainer, cheesecloth, and labels for your jars. To make the tincture, you need about one hour from start to finish.

To begin, get all your equipment and herbs in one place. Make sure everything is clean. Rinse your herbs to make sure they’re free of all debris. Leaves that have browning, stains etc. need to be thrown out. Mince up the herbs using a food chopper or good knife.

Place the chopped herb into a jar (note use ONE jar for each type of herb). Pour in alcohol until the herbs are completely covered. Close the lid and label. This jar needs to be kept out of sunlight in a cool area for six weeks, then strain out the leaves from the alcohol through cheesecloth. Return the liquid to the bottle and label it for use.

Tinctures without Alcohol?

Some people prefer to make tinctures without alcohol as the base. In this case, the process is nearly identical except that the plant matter is placed in vinegar or distilled water. Either of these preparations must be kept in the freezer or refrigerator after preparation. If they turn cloudy, they’re no longer good to use.

Common Remedial Tinctures

The definition of herbal medicine is a method by which a person learns to prevent illness or treat sickness by using herbs. Organic tinctures are included in this definition.

Some of the tinctures that you’ll find frequently at herbal and/or health stores include:

  • Chamomile: for relaxation, stress relief, and digestion.
  • Garlic: to support the immune system
  • Goldenseal: for antibiotic properties
  • Tansy: for fighting worms and parasites
  • Valerian: for preventing sleep disorders

Note: Visit your medical doctor and discuss the use of tinctures in your health program.


Organic tinctures are one way of getting natural supplements from herbs into your diet. Because tinctures are prepared singly, you can target the type of tincture to specific personal health conditions or goals.

You can buy herbal tinctures at a variety of outlets or make them safely at home. Like any alternative health modality, its good to check with a physician if you are taking medications, pregnant or have pre-existing conditions.

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