organic food information, organic food suppliers, organic recipes, organic gardening
organic food information, organic food suppliers, organic recipes, organic gardening
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For your home and garden, use organic insect control, like organic termite control, organic mosquito control or natural garden pest control methods. Stop the damage that termites and insects cause.

For your home and garden, use organic insect control, like organic termite control, organic mosquito control or natural garden pest control methods. Safely and organically, stop the damage that termites and insects cause.

Termites have an important role to play in clearing away dead wood. Their actions enrich the soil and make way for new growth. Unfortunately for homeowners, they don’t care what kind of wood they gnaw, leaving people looking for effective organic termite control.

As with various other pests, finding organic mosquito control, organic garden pest control, and other forms of organic insect control isn't always easy.

However, when we realize that termites cause over $700 million in household damage annually, it give us reason to come up with solutions that aren't just 'green' but also truly functional.

Just one infestation of termites can cause thousands of dollars in repairs, and even more if the situation goes unchecked.

Up until 1987, the most popular solution to termites has been treating the infested area, including the surrounding ground, with unhealthy chlorinated hydrocarbons. Finally, under pressure by consumers and the EPA, the production of chlorinated hydrocarbons ceased.

While these products can still sometimes be found, the safety issues surrounding such products aren’t worth the risk, especially in homes that are focused on being ecologically friendly and healthy.

Organic Termite Control Methods

When the supply of chlorinated hydrocarbons pretty well dried up, it left the pest control industry seeking alternatives for chemical pesticides. Homeowners needed to make choices. And many have chosen to practice natural garden pest control techniques.

Making organic efforts in and around your own home is actually fairly easy to implement and not overly expensive. The only real limitation is finding out what kind of termite you have on hand as different pests respond to different treatments.

Some Organic Insect Control Ideas to Try in Your Garden:

  • Fungus growing termites: These critters like dead plants more than wood, so if your soil is well composted, they’ll be attracted away from the house where they’re actually beneficial to your soil.
  • Add natural predators to your environment: encouraging ants, flies, and spiders around your home is one way to keep termites out - they'll eat them! If you happen to have a pond, frogs are also a good predator and it's not difficult to keep the pond stocked.
  • Mulch your plants with wood shavings. Again this gives termites a perfectly good source of food that decreases the potential that the bugs will get hungry for your home.
  • Maintain the heath of the plants around your home: diseased plants will attract termites, and if they’re close to your house, transference can happen.

Remember that the best and most effective way to manage pests, gardens, and your environment is to make sure that you balance your actions. Don't focus on overstocking your pond with frogs so that they will quickly deal with the termite problem because once they've taken care of those, and other, pests, you'll have another set of problems.

Our ecosystems are sensitive and need to be well balanced for the best result.

Organic Termite Control - Magnetic Appeal:

If you’ve located a termite mound, good strong magnets in the soil disturbs termites. The critters naturally build on north-south lines, and the magnet confuses that sense, encouraging them to move elsewhere.

Note that this approach seems most successful when combined with breaking up the termite mound and, if practical, removing the queen.

Other Natural Garden Pest Control Methods:
For Organic Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes don’t do damage to a home like termites do, but they can make for an unhealthy and uncomfortable living environment. Organic control for mosquitoes is a little different than organic termite control, and in ways a bit simpler.

First of all, make sure you don’t have standing water in un-drained areas in your yard or even a puddle or pool of water. Mosquitoes love those damp spots for breeding. Remember to keep your grass mowed and the weeds under control too.

In combination with this simple maintenance routine, growing basil, lemongrass, marigold, rosemary, garlic and tansy not only looks pretty in your yard, but mosquitoes do not like them.

Pairing Organic Insect Control Methods

The beauty of these kinds of organic controls for termites, mosquitoes and other pests (such as organic ant control for example) is that your efforts can easily be combined with your normal lawn work.

The mulching around plants, for example, is often common in gardens as a 'finishing look' (in this case it also 'finishes' part of your termite problem). And you may have been weeding your garden the other day, and not even realized that doing so offers you the benefit of a less 'itchy' insect season.

One note, however. If you discover several termite affected areas in your home, it’s wise to consult with an expert who can make sure the problem gets resolved before more harm happens.

There are numerous green / eco-friendly exterminating services in the market place now, so do a little consumer research then let your fingers do the dialing.

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organic food suppliers, organic food information, organic recipes, organic gardening

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