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Organic Bulk Food: Healthy Low Cost Snacks

A variety of organic snacks are available in organic food grocery stores (e.g. organic popcorn and organic chocolate bars). Check out the organic bulk food section for organic dried fruits, nuts, and more.

Snacking doesn't have to be all bad - organic food snacks are a healthy alternative. A busy lifestyle doesnÂ’t mean you have to sacrifice a healthy organic diet.

There are a variety of organic snacks available; so even the most hectic schedules can support organic eating.

From organic fresh fruits to all-natural energy bars, organic popcorn, organic chocolate bars and drinks, and more; there are a wide range of organic foods produced today and snacks to suit every taste.

Check out the organic bulk food section at organic food grocery stores or in stores with that stock organic products in certain sections of the store (examples of organic bulk food snacks are organic chocolate, organic raisins, dried apricots, peaches and cranberries, organic nuts, organic popcorn, and more).

Why Organic?

Snacks are an important part of a balanced diet, depending on the types of snack foods you choose.

However, the typical vending machine fare of potato chips and chocolate bars can do more harm than good for you and your body. Organic foods offer a healthy alternative with an assortment of choices and a wealth of benefits for both you and the planet.

  • Organically produced snacks contain higher levels of vitamins and nutrients than commercial foods.
  • Synthetic pesticides, preservatives, and other typical chemical substances found in commercial foods are not found in organic products. This decreases allergies, infections, and a number of serious diseases including cancer.
  • Toxic and synthetic chemical-free cultivation and processing are also better for the environment. Organic farming not only decreases land, air, and water pollution, it requires less water and energy while promoting healthy soil and encouraging wildlife.

Organic Snacks and Flavor

It's a common myth that organic food is bland and not the tastiest choice at mealtime. The truth is organically produced foods are typically juicier, fresher, and overall better tasting than their commercial counterparts.

organic snacks

Another misconception is that there aren't many choices available for organic and healthy snacks, especially on-the-go. The truth is today's organic food market has grown tremendously and the variety of convenience foods is incredible!

An organic apple or banana is usually the first snack that comes to mind when you think organic. Fresh fruits and vegetables are just the beginning of the selection. Dried fruit is quite popular and makes a savory addition to trail mix with organic peanuts. Traditional snacks like pretzels, cookies, and popcorn are also produced organically.

Those who prefer to sip their snacks, rather than eat them, will appreciate the wide range of organic juices, smoothies, and organic hot chocolate available. Organic chocolate is another luxury that has proven to be much healthier than commercial chocolate bars. You can even find organic mints and candies in an assortment of natural flavours.

Buying Organic Bulk Foods:
Check Out the Local Organic Food Grocery Stores

All good shopping areas now have at least one outlet providing great organic snacks. For example, grab yourself a spring roll made with only organically produced ingredients. This can be accompanied by an organic coffee or tea.

Online Supplier examples:

In the UK:

Green Bean Organics offers a good selection of unique organic and healthy snacks (and other foods). Organic Fudge, chocolate, and energy bars are just a few of the items you'll find.

Natural Grocery offers a wide range of online organic foods; they specialize in seasonal fresh foods. In addition to foods, you can buy personal care items, supplements, and household products.

In the US:

Newman's Own Organic has a wide selection of snacks, including pretzels, cookies, and organic chocolate bars and drinks.

Eden Organic is the oldest producer of organic foods in North America and offers an assortment of snacks like trail mix, organic chips and crackers, and even organic popcorn.

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