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Organic Quince Fruit from a Quince Bush

by Tracey Smith
(Gloucester UK)

Hi there. Just looking through your web page on the organic quince fruit. I have a Quince Bush in my front garden; it has been there 40 years or more. I live in GLOUCESTER.... every year we get a crop of Quince apples from it. My mother makes Quince Jelly using those apples. It is lovely; very good for a Quince Throat too (which is worse than Tonsillitis - you can't even swallow your own spit!). So the Jelly goes down well and helps to heal the throat.

Response from Kris of Organic Food For Everyone:
Hi Tracey. Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad to hear that the Quince Bush is so hardy and can thrive for a long time (40 years and counting in your garden!). It's also good to know that Quince Jelly has some healing properties for a bad throat.

Organic quince fruit has been around for centuries; yet not many of us today see it in our markets.

I think that everyone should try quince at least once. Unlike apples and pears (the quince comes from the same fruit 'family), quince is a bit dry and bitter uncooked but when you cook it the fruit softens up, sweetens up and really develops a very different texture and taste. And the quince fruit seems to also have some natural healing properties - with anti-viral and antiseptic properties. Make sure you try it!

Thanks for sharing Tracey! Kris

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Where to find Quince Fruit?

by Aya

Where to find Quince Fruit? I'm looking for Quince fruits. I'm pregnant and this fruit is considered very healthy for pregnancy. Please give me a hint where to buy this fruit. Thanks.

Response from Kris: Quince fruit is hard to find - and you will not be able to find this as a fresh fruit grown in North America at this time of year (Spring time). It has the same growing cycle as apples and a number of organic apple growers also have a few quince trees in their orchards.

Contact a local organic grocery store and ask if they are bringing in any Quince from New Zealand or Australia (it's close to their harvest time now). Otherwise you'll have to wait till about August or September!

I'm from the West Coast of Canada (in British Columbia) and there are only a few farmers growing Quince out here. Quince is healthy for you but it does have a bit of a bitter/tart taste - I try to buy a box every fall to make into jams or spreads (very tasty).

Best wishes for a healthy pregnancy.

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