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Find an Organic Pet Food Center:

Organic pet supplies can be hard to find, particularly discount pet foods. Find a local pet food center with a good pet food rating. Or buy your organic dog supplies online; also your cat, bird, hamster, and other organic supplies.

Finding organic pet supplies is something of a challenge, and finding organic pet food is additionally challenging. You will need to do some research and persevere.

As a pet lover, you will want to eat organic foods to keep yourself and your family healthy, and also you will want to buy organic pet foods for the health of your beloved pets.

Protect your pets from the damage some commercially produced foods can do. Nobody is sure how many animals - dogs and cats - suffered serious illness and/or died in early 2007.

organic bird foodsThat was when a leading brand of pet food in the US was found to contain contaminated wheat gluten.

Recently in the news are stories of pets who became ill, some fatally, through kidney failure caused by poisonous pet food.

One source estimated that up to 3000 animals became victim to this, although that particular estimate was unverified.

These animals, because we have domesticated them, rely on us to take care of them. Feeding them organic pet food is one major way of doing this.

So, whether your beloved pet is furred or feathered, organic pet food may just be what the vet ordered to keep her or him healthy for the long haul.

Check it out and let your pet experience the goodness that nature intended!

Organic Pet Supplies Online:
Dog Supplies Online; Cat Supplies Online; Bird Supplies Online

You can purchase organic pet supplies from a number of online distributors. There are also a number of discount pet food distributors which carry some organic products - you do have to look hard for them. But you can help this process by telling your local pet food supplier that you want them to stock organic pet foods; if they get enough demand, they will start to stock organic foods.

Here are two of the top online suppliers that we have looked at and recommend (one in the UK and one in the US):

  • Yarrah for UK delivery

    Yarrah makes sure that all its products contain all the needed vitamins, minerals and amino acids, and in the correct balance. High quality proteins are provided by the chicken content. The average dog or cat digests these very well. The taste is excellent!

    Yarrah also add seaweeds and spirulina to their canned food for dogs and cats. These improve and maintain the condition and vitality of the coat, build up resistance to illness and boosts recovery from exertion and illness.

    Popularity of Yarrah products is extremely high. This is a strong recommendation in itself, and testament to the high quality ingredients.

    We fully recommend Yarrah. They base their pet foods on high organic standards, the best levels of animal welfare and optimum environmental health.

  • Castor and Pollux Pet Works for US delivery.

    This family business knows all about the needs of cats and dogs. They are also animal lovers, which for me, gives added confidence in buying from them.

    Brian and Shelly (founders/owners) at Castor and Pollux are constantly introducing new, all natural and organically produced pet products to the market. They are adamant that they will never lose sight of what inspired them in the first place: the love they have for their pets.

    In fact their love for all animals is evident in their commitment to community service that helps and supports pets and their owners. They do this through their own Pet and Soul Foundation, as well as other organisations such as Project Pooch, Guide Dogs for the Blind and AniMeals.

    They get our unreserved recommendation.

    You can order from Castor and Pollux online or visit their stores.

Pet Food Center: Bird Food

For bird food in the UK, try Harrison's Bird Foods.

This online supplier has some lovely organic table and ground mixes; all certified organic.

For bird food in the US, try For your Bird or try the US site for Harrison's Bird Foods.

The For Your Bird site shows that some their bird food mixes are organic. If you type 'organic' into their search box you will get a list of their certified organic products. Harrison's Bird Foods are certified organic. Organic pet supplies are easier to find than they used to be, it will take a little effort however the reward for your pets is a healther diet.

Pet Food Allergies: Cats and Dogs

Allergies in dogs and cats often are related to pet food; it's important to discuss allergy symptoms with your veterinarian and to try to elminate the problem (that is, change the type of food and see if a chemical-free organic dog or cat food cures the problem). In the meantime, consider using a natural, homeopathic herbal remedy that relieves dry skin, flakiness and itchiness of your pet's skin.

We recommend a product called, Allergy Itch Ease, which temporarily relieves skin allergies and itch for either dogs or cats. It is an FDA-registered natural remedy containing 100% homeopathic ingredients known for their ability to soothe and relieve skin itch and allergies, as well as support the health and integrity of all cells and layers of the skin in cats and dogs.

All products are free of gluten, artificial flavors, colorants and preservatives.

We have more information on organic pet supplies and foods specific to: organic dog food, organic cat food, and organic bird food; we believe that as well as our families our pets should also benefit from natural organic food..

Additional Reading on Organic Pet Supplies and Food:

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Why Choose Organic Dog Food?

Many of the chemicals added to commercial dog food are responsible for dog food allergies and skin irritations.

The pesticides and fertilizers used to produce dog food ingredients, along with the unnatural additives and preservatives included in processing, leave harmful toxin traces within the food.

Organic pet food results in healthier, shinier fur and fewer skin problems.

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