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What do Parrots Eat?

Organic parrot food is the best choice for your bird. What do parrots eat? Most parrots eat plants (fruits, vegetables and seeds); although a few species will eat insects during breeding season. For the good care of parrots, consider the benefits of organic food.

Organic parrot food may sound like a waste of money considering all the lower priced commercial seed blends available. What many bird lovers don't know is that an organic diet could actually save their parrotÂ’s life while keeping him/her healthy and happy.

For my 18th birthday (a number of years ago), my mother (a bird lover) gave me a beautiful alibino parrot, including the cage, some toys, food and an instruction booklet for the care and feeding of the bird. It was a young bird and seemed very fragile to me. Unfortunately it lived only two months - I came home from work one day to find it dead at the bottom of the cage.

I was absolutely devastated - thinking that something I had done had killed the bird. I phoned my mother right away and she came over immediately. With her help we took it to a late night veterinarian to see if he could tell us what went wrong. Without expensive tests we couldn't get conclusive results but he felt that the commercial bird seed we were feeding could have been a significant factor in the bird's death.

The Truth about Commercial Parrot Food:

In a study referenced in Avian Medicine: Principles and Application, by Ritchie, Harrison, and Harrison, wild birds were offered both organic seeds and commercial bird feeds. Each time, the birds would choose the organic food and would only eat the commercial seeds if the organic was unavailable.

Birds are at an even greater risk because of their small size and extremely high metabolism rate. Non-organic parrot food is actually poisoning your bird over an extended period of time. You may not even notice the changes until it is too late!

organic parrot food

Some of the risks associated with non-organic bird food include:

  • intestinal complications
  • seizures and tremors
  • trouble with reproduction
  • decreased immune systems
  • can even cause sudden death

The Care of Parrots:

Protecting your parrot from the complications created by toxins in commercial bird food is as easy as switching your parrot to an organic diet. Organic parrot food is grown without chemical-laden pesticides and fertilizers.

Additives and preservatives are not found in the ingredient list either. Several other dangerous ingredients including menadione, a highly toxic substance found in many commercial pellets that requires extreme caution just in handling, are also never found in organic bird food.

There are a variety of different parrot food blends with completely organic ingredients. It is easy to ensure a nutritious diet that keeps your bird healthy without extra supplements. In fact, there are organic blends full of nuts, seeds, fruits, and berries for a balanced diet with a single meal.

The Benefits of Organic Food for Parrots

While your parrot may enjoy seeds, feeding him nothing else is one of the worst things you could do for your bird. Seeds are loaded with fat and fail to give your bird the complete nutrition he or she needs.

Parrots that are fed a diet of only seeds will often pluck their feathers and their beaks may become overgrown. Vision complications, seizures, and weakened immune systems are common as well. Seed based diets are also a leading cause of biting in parrots.

These concerns can be avoided by offering your parrot an organic feed with a blend of wholesome ingredients. Organic bird food can be found in some pet stores and a number of organic markets and health stores. There is also an excellent selection of premium organic parrot food available online.

What do Parrots Eat? Online Organic Suppliers:

US and Canada
Oh Boy Parrot Food offers a low fat, completely organic blend of natural seeds, legumes, and grains. Quite versatile, the feed can be used alone or served with fresh organic fruits and vegetables.

HarrisonÂ’s Bird Foods provides organic pellets in two different formulas for all types of birds, including parrots. Organic bird treats are also available.

Avian Organics carries a gourmet selection of bird food with an excellent variety. Their blends are an excellent source of essential vitamins and minerals and are ideal for a balanced diet.

Budgie World has a unique assortment of organic bird supplements and treats. Their organic parrot food products use the natural ingredients free range birds have access to, providing a well-rounded diet.

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Why Choose Organic Bird Food?

Commercially cultivated seeds, fruits, and berries that are typically found in parrot food are laced with all sorts of chemicals.

The pesticides and fertilizers used to grow these ingredients, along with the unnatural additives and preservatives included in processing, leave harmful toxin traces within the food.

Get fresh - Buy local Click on the image to find an organic food supplier near you.

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