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Organic Noodle: Instant Noodle. Organic Snack Foods. Organic Fast Foods.

by Athena Wang
(Tianjin, China)

Organic Noodles: A Healthy Organic Snack Food

Organic Noodles: A Healthy Organic Snack Food

Organic Noodles can be healthy organic snack foods and also be organic fast foods - for when you need nutritious food, quickly.

As a premium foodstuff manufacturer and supplier, BioFarms Foodstuff company (located in China) is proud to offer a large catalog of certified organic products in a series of natural, organic, specialty, ethnic, vegetarian and gourmet food products:

A. Organic Asian Pasta Series:

  1. Wheat noodle (Udon, Somen)

  2. Buckwheat noodle /Soba (Lomein, Somen)

  3. Greentea buckwheat noodle

  4. Whole wheat noodle (Lomein, Somen)

  5. Brown Rice Noodle

  6. Rice noodle

  7. Corn noodle

  8. Spinach noodle

  9. Tomato noodle

  10. Celery Noodle

  11. Carrot Noodle

  12. Vegetable Noodle

  13. Barley Noodle

  14. Oat Noodle

There are more then 100 kinds of noodles.

B. 100% Organic Vegetarian Food Series:
100% Soybean Ingredient:

  1. Soybean spaghetti

  2. Soybean noodle

  3. Soybean sausage

  4. Soybean fish

  5. Soybean chicken

  6. Soybean shrimp

100% Black bean Ingredient:
Black bean spaghetti

100% Green Soybean Ingredient:
Green Soybean noodle
The ingredient is 100% organic beans.

There are many other organic foods in our line: Qianna Foods.

At BioFarms, all natural and organic products come from our own farms and factories, under direct and strict supervision of the certifying authorities. BioFarms food company strives continually to produce highest quality, ethnic foods and competitive price to all our clients.

Response from Yen Nguyen:

A Healthy Life with Brown Rice Noodle

I'm in love with noodles and pasta. They are yummy and simply irresistible. But I'm concerned about the carbohydrates!

But now I've found a replacement to normal pasta and noodles. Have you heard about Vietnamese brown rice noodles? They are very good for your health.

So thrilled to come across this Vietnamese noodle soup: Happy Pho. It takes 15 mins for me to cook and has super healthy ingredients, so the soup is tasty and doesn't make me feel terrible afterwards like some other Asian pre-packaged products. I found it at Whole Foods Berkeley but I think they're at other healthy food stores too.

I found a website that sells it online: Star Anise Foods products are naturally gluten free. The soup ingredients are natural and organic: spices, brown rice, water, organic green tea and a dash of salt.

Response from Kris at Organic Food For Everyone:

It's always a good idea to balance starches such as noodles and rice with vegetables and proteins. A good general guideline is to have 50% of your meal be vegetables, 25% starch or grains and 25% lean protein.

It is amazing to see the variety of natural and organic products now easily available at most stores and restaurants. If you want to ensure healthier foods make sure that you tell store and/or restaurant staff that you appreciate their commitment to organics!

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