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by Lisa
(Ukiah, CA USA)

I create recipes using mostly organic meats, vegetables, etc. What percentage of all ingredients should be organic before a recipe may be called "Organic Sweet Curry Meatballs" or Organic anything? I would say by weight, 99.8% of my recipe is made with organic ingredients. What are the guidelines for calling recipes "organic"?

thank you,

Reply from Kris:
Well, perhaps surprisingly, there are no 'rules' for recipes yet (or at least none that I can find). The general guideline appears to be at least 80% of the ingredients need to be certified organic content for the recipe and/or meal to be considered organic.

Of course when cooking meals such as roast chicken, vegetables and potatoes the whole meal could be (and should be) made with organic foods. Organic chickens are available in most (if not all) urban and rural areas. Organic produce such as carrots, beets, potatoes, zuchini, and many more vegetables are available at local farmers markets and grocery stores.

It can be more difficult to find organic butter, flour, and dried spices to make a gravy for the dinner!

Getting to 100% of all ingredients to be organically produced is a challenge however organic foods are becoming more readily available.

Maybe others will respond with their input.

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P.S. Check out a growing trend for S.O.L.E. food - which is an acronym for sustainable, organic, local and ethical. Read about Sole Food. It's all about making healthier eating decisions for you, your family and for the environment.

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