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Organic food suppliers Widearea - UK regional (which is also known as widearea); including organic food online shopping, local farmers markets, and more. Buy organic food for the organic food health benefits for you and your family.

Locating organic food has become easier, particularly over the past 5 or 6 years. Many local farmers have invested in producing organic foods and bring their products to local markets and/or to local grocers.

Find Organic Food Suppliers Widearea in your region of the UK; buy organic food through online and offline organic food supply stores.

Or consider growing your own produce and exchanging with neighbours: for example, you might grow organic potatoes and your neighbours might grow organic tomatoes, zuchini, eggplant, etc. Then as product ripens and is ready for harvesting, you trade 5 lbs of potatoes for 2 lbs of zuchini and 3 lbs of tomatoes.

If you don't want to grown your own produce but you have garden space, advertise in the local paper or send out a facebook or twitter post to see if anyone in your neighbourhood is interested in working the plot of land - you provide the land, they provide the work and you both reap the harvest.

(My neighbours are doing that for a professional couple who have no time or interesting in gardening but have a great back yard with lots of space for gardening).

UK Organic Food Suppliers

(Where no areas or towns are mentioned, please assume nationwide delivery)

Abel & Cole

A wide range of organic foods including fruit and vegetables (box scheme available), meat, dairy, bread, fish, wine and beer and soft drinks. Buy online.

Delivery area extending from Brighton up to Manchester and out to Poole and Bristol in the West and Ipswich in the East.

Unable to deliver to certain remote locations, so customers are advised to use the postcode search on the website to confirm delivery to their area, before ordering.

Graig Farm Organics

Wide range of products including award-winning meat and meat products, sustainably produced fish, general groceries, baby food, pet food and more.

Mail order delivery to most of the UK. Also many retail outlets sell their products across the UK.

Learn more about Organic Food Supplier: Graig Farm.

A lot of coffee

Quality, freshly roasted organic and fair trade coffee. All coffees are both registered Fairtrade and certified organic. Freshly roasted coffee; buy whole beans or choose your grind. Buy online.

A lot of coffee also offers organic chocolate drinks and organic and fair trade teas to choose from.

Halen Mon

Pure white organic sea salt from Wales. Halen Mon also offers flavoured sea salts; such as organic spiced, oak smoked, Taha’a vanilla and organic celery. Soil association certified. Buy online.

Grow Wild

Grow Wild supplies an extensive range of organic groceries, including locally sourced fresh produce, Mediterranean fruit and vegetables, award winning organic meats and cheeses, fantastic organic wines, organic dairy products and store-cupboard goodies, toiletries and environmentally friendly household products.

Buy online, email or phone. Deliveries in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Central Scotland. Full details on the website.


A full range of organic breakfast cereals: made with home grown oats and ground almonds slowly toasted with natural antioxidant honey, slow release complex carbohydrate barleymalt and a hint of Madagascar bourbon vanilla.

Bodymatter no longer sells online however go to their website to see where the breakfast cereal is sold (click on the link to the 'buy' page) - a list of shops is provided.

Marketside Organics

Box scheme for organic fruit and vegetables, organic meats and dairy, and organic gardening supplies (for example, compost, seeds, starter plants), and more. Delivering to South Wales, Bristol and central southern England.
Full details on website.

Buy Organic Food:

If you have a farm or market or reference for Organic Food Suppliers Widearea, please use the form on the Healthy Food Trends page to provide us with the information.

We are interested in promoting and listing local suppliers that you have tried and tested - let us know who consider the best of the best!

We'll check out the reference and post it here if it fits. Thank you.

Read More About Organic Food Supply:

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