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A directory of Organic Food Suppliers US International: sources of wholesale organic food, organic food delivery, and organic food online shopping sites. Organic food health benefits are worth the effort; recommend your favorite suppliers (such as my organic market).

Organic food is a growing industry. Many consumers around the world are interested and committed to growing, buying, cooking and eating in a more sustainable, organic, local and ethical (SOLE food) way.

Most commercially produced, mass market foods are produced with chemicals, preservatives, pesticides, and a large and growing number of foods are a product of genetic modification. The effect on our food sources, our land, our health, and on the environment is significant and growing worse. By making a choice to grow, buy, cook and eat organically, you are making a decision towards sustainability of the planet.

Sourcing organic foods is increasingly easier to do. And while organic methods of producing food is still more expensive than commercially produced foods, the long term benefit of improving your health (by eating more naturally nutritious foods) and the health of the planet (by reducing and/or eliminating the reliance on, and the use of, chemical fertilizers, chemical pesticides, antibiotics and hormones for animals, and more, makes the cost/benefit relationship worth it.

organic food suppliers

This directory provides a growing list of Organic Food Suppliers US International; along with sources for wholesale organic food, organic food online shopping, organic food delivery, organic food companies and markets.

If you have a favorite organic food supplier you would like to recommend, please share it with us on our healthy food trends page.

The United States

Natural Hub

Diamond Organics, a coast-to-coast organic delivery service.

My Organic Market (also known as MOM). This site provides more than just a directory to its stores. You can also recipes, health calculators, treatment options, health assessments, and much more.


Spud, a western Canadian organic home delivery service

Your Choice Organics, an organic home delivery service on the Sunshine Coast in beautiful, British Columbia.


Amy's Kitchen
Organic, natural, vegetarian foods. Buy online or at all natural food stores, supermarkets and some club stores in the United States, Canada and Internationally. Store locator on the website. See countries with stores that stock Amy's Kitchen products here.

Organic Food Turkey
A wide range of certified organic fresh fruits and vegetables. Grown on family owned farms located in Northern Ageais region of Turkey, renowned for its mild year-round growing, its climate and rich soil.

Kiddies Kitchen
Organic food for babies, toddlers and older children. Based in Devon, UK, Kiddies Kitchen specialises in helping parents to keep their children's diet organic and healthy. Feeding accessories also available. Delivery worldwide.

DMOZ, a list of international organic food suppliers on this well recognized directory site.

European Union

Check out the U.K. organic food suppliers listing on Organic Food for Everyone.

Goodness Direct

Wide range of organic foods delivered to UK and all parts of the European Union. Full details on the website.

Buy organic food: If you have a farm or market or reference for organic food suppliers US International, please share that information with us on our healthy food trends page. We'll check out the reference and post it here if it fits. Thank you.

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