organic food information, organic food suppliers, organic recipes, organic gardening
organic food information, organic food suppliers, organic recipes, organic gardening
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Meynell Langley Estate, Derbyshire

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U.K. organic food supplier, Meynell Langley, offers farm fresh, organic food through its box scheme programs. Find a local organic food supply in your neighbourhood; buy wholesale organic foods through specialty markets, and even through organic food online stores.

This organic supplier listing for Meynell Langley Estate was submitted by Dave from Meynell Langley.

Derbyshire Organic Meat Supplier

Meynell Langley, is a small country estate in Derbyshire which has been owned by the Meynell family for hundreds of years. Meynell Langley believes in [gentle] meat farming and specializes in producing the finest quality organic beef and lamb.

Since 1991, Meynell Langley has been producing delicious, healthy food without putting birds and other wildlife at risk from pesticides and herbicides. Numerous plant species thrive in the old grass meadows which make up nearly two-thirds of the farm near Kirk Langley.

Customers often comment that Meynell Langley meat tastes like the meat they remember eating in their childhoods; it actually has flavor.

The animals are reared slowly to allow full flavour to develop, and fed on natural organic rations. The meat is then allowed to mature before butchering which develops its flavour and increases tenderness.

Godfrey and his wife Helen host regular farm and estate walks for customers and local groups, and are beginning work on educational links and access projects to promote environmental education and models for sustainable food production.

Organic meat is offered for sale in mixed boxes, available online and delivered direct to your door. The Farmers' Market comes to you!

Visit the Meynell Langley website.

Organic Food Supply

Why buy organic? Because of the advantages of organic food for you, your family and the environment.

You will feel better, food will taste better, and the environment will become more sustainable if more of us eat and support organic food and organic farming.

If you are not close to a local organic supplier, like a farmers market, then check out organic food online suppliers and try to source wholesale organic foods markets.

Please support local, organic farms and food suppliers.

If you would like to recommend an organic farmer or supplier, please use the form on the Healthy Food Trends page and send the information (preferably with pictures) to us for review and inclusion in the suppliers listing.

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