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Find the best organic food store or organic food retailers in your area. Where can you find organic food suppliers and wholesale organic food? Use organic food coupon strategies to reduce food costs.

Not too long ago finding an organic food store or farmers' market was a challenge. Traditional grocers stocked only a very limited number of organic products. Retail chains selling solely organic products were few and far between.

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Local farmers' markets and one small, trendy local organic food grocery store were usually the only places available to purchase organic.

However, times have changed (driven by consumer demand). There are more options available for today's organic food shopper because the organic marketplace is growing (last year's estimated global market was $40 billion US!).

You can still buy from the local farmers' market, or the local organic food store, but you can also place orders online with quite a number of organic food retailers and delivery businesses or go to your regular market and buy organic from a much larger selection.

Additionally, you can find places that will provide you with wholesale organic food prices (if you buy in bulk - set up a buying group among your family and/or friends and buy in wholesale quantities to save money).

Organic Food Coupons

A number of organic food stores also provide organic food coupons for weekly specials (usually on items that are fresh and that will not last in store for a long time).

If your local grocery store does not have an organic food coupon program, talk to your store manager and tell him that you want one. Many organic food retailers would be happy to start programs that they believe their customers want and need, especially with foods that are fresh and need to be sold quickly.

Today, with increasing attention on environmentally-friendly living, organic products are much easier to find and are more widely used than ever before.

Five Reasons More Consumers are Shopping at Organic Food Stores

Organic suppliers make it convenient to find everything you need in a single place without settling for overly processed foods with chemical residues. There are a number of reasons people choose organic over commercially produced foods.

  • Organic foods are free of pesticides and other chemical substances than can cause sickness and increase allergies.
  • Higher nutrient levels make organic food healthier and more filling.
  • Organic farming is gentler on the environment, using fewer non-renewable resources and promoting sustainability.
  • Organic production is also kinder to animals, both livestock and wildlife.
  • Certified organic food ensures quality and high standards.

Buying Organic Food

Organic food retailers are much more common today. Most developed cities have at least one store dedicated to natural and organic products. Whole Foods Market is currently the largest organic retailer in the world with over 270 stores throughout North America and the UK and there are a number of smaller chains that are rapidly expanding.

A great selection of foods to buy organic is now available right in your local grocery store, including fresh, canned, and frozen items. Of course, the source of organic food before there was an organic food store is still a reliable place for consumers as well. During the growing and harvesting seasons, local farms, farmersÂ’ markets, and even roadside produce stands typically offer a variety of organically grown fruits and vegetables.

Buying Organic Food Online

The popularity and convenience of the internet for shopping has created even more options for those searching for organic products. There are just as many online stores selling organic foods as there are brick and mortar stores. In fact, many favourite natural and organic retailers also sell their products online.


UK - Natural Grocery offers an incredible selection of organic foods, natural products, and earth-friendly items for your home. Natural Grocery takes care of the planet in everything they do, including biodegradable packaging and low-energy light bulbs in the warehouse.

US - Diamond Organics has been one of the US's premier sources for the freshest, best tasting organic food, with guaranteed overnight delivery to every address in America.

Worldwide - Sun Organic Farms supplies a variety of organic products, including tea and coffee, convenience meals, and baking ingredients. This organic food store also carries organic soaps and insecticides.

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Unfortunately, recent news on the health and safety of pet food demonstrates that many pet food manufacturers cut costs by adding fillers and preservatives that are not healthy for your pet. Check out the information on our pet food analysis page to read more. Consider buying organic pet foods or even making your own organic pet food for the health of your pet.

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