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What is an Organic Food Definition?

Organic food research is growing, especially as demand for organic food facts grows. Why define organic food? Because to understand healthy food trends you need to understand an organic food definition and be able to differentiate between organic and non-organic foods.

Organic food research has advanced significantly during the last decade.

New studies and programs are conducted on a regular basis to examine the benefit organic production and consumption has on the environment and consumers. Most research will first define organic food, then identify organic food trends and disclose organic food facts.

Several websites publish information on the most recent research developments in organic industry. We have compiled a list of the ones we find most useful:

organic food research The FQH Association (Organic Food Quality and Health) was organised in 2003 by four European research institutes with the aid of representatives from the organic industry.

Registered at the beginning of 2003 in the Netherlands, this international research agency sponsors a variety of workshops, conferences, and research projects. Recent workshops discussed the health effects associated with food quality, including results of research into bioactive compounds in farming.

Another FQH study examined the immune system of chickens fed an organic diet, finding better health and quicker recovery in those eating organic feed.

organic food researchThe Soil Association leads the UK in organic certification and the promotion of organic development.

The Soil Association began in 1946 as a collaboration between scientists, farmers, and nutritionists with a common desire to improve the planet and human health through organic practices.

The charity is dedicated to educating the public about the benefits of organic farming, providing the public with the latest organic food research and a variety of other resources.

organic food researchOrganic Centre Wales (OCW) combines the expertise of four Wales-based organic research organisations and aims to deliver research findings regarding the organic industry to the whole public.

Founded in 2000, OCW is a hub of information for organic news and developments including reports on genetic modification, economic and financial outlooks for organic farming, and examinations of animal welfare in organic farms.

organic food researchOrganic research information from around the world is archived in one convenient place at Organic Eprints, a public website designed to compile papers and reports from various sources to aid the continuing development of organic studies.

The archive was created by the Danish Research Centre for Organic Farming in 2002 and continues to maintain and publish data. The information is easily searched or browsed and is accessible to the general public.

organic food researchThe Institute of Science in Society is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to providing critical and accessible scientific information to the public and to promoting social accountability and ecological sustainability in science.

There is a great deal of research on the website and it has a good search facility that works well. Articles and information provided by some of the world's leading independent scientists and researchers can be found there.

The United States Department of Agriculture, National Institute of Food and Agriculture has been expanding its program to help farmers transition to organic farming. It reviews emerging issues in organic agriculture and has commissioned a number of reports on production costs and benefits, as well as the results of a number of projects it has supported. A good resource for farmers wanting to develop produce and meats organically.

Organic Food Research:

To better understand healthy food trends (for example, the SOLE Food movement which is sustainable, organic, local and ethically produced food), you need to understand the organic food definition and what the differences are, and the value is, between organic and non-organic food.

Organic food facts and statistics, along with organic food research, will help you to better define organic food and better understand why you need to grow, buy, cook and eat organic foods.

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