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Organic dog food, raw dog food and healthy homemade dog food are healthy food options for your dog. Each of these foods have specific benefits for your canine; buy, or make, a high quality dog food for your pet.

Organic dog food is the best type of food product for your pet ... I know this to be true because I have a three year old Rhodesian Ridgeback, named Harley, who has a number of allergies and stomach troubles.

Once we switched to all-organic products - 9 months ago - she started to get better.

Harley still has sensitive skin (I think we need an organic house to fix the remaining issues) but it is much improved and her stomach problems have finally disappeared.

rhodesian ridgeback puppy playing

(This is a picture of Harley at 7 weeks: pretty cute!)

In early 2007, the US pet food industry caused many dog owners (and other pet owners) to seriously reconsider the type of dog food they choose for their family pets.

Both premium and bargain dog food brands were recalled by the thousands due to life threatening complications caused by the food that sold for three entire months before the recall.

There are no confirmed numbers regarding the pets affected by the foods, but one large veterinary chain suggests that hundreds of dogs and cats experienced kidney failure in each of the 12 weeks it was available for purchase.

More than 60 million packages of pet foods were pulled from store shelves after contaminated wheat gluten caused severe reactions in many thousands of animals.

An unverified source reported nearly 3,000 animal deaths from the contaminated food.

These startling statistics have created a needed concern for the health and safety of animals who, because of domestication, rely on us to take care of them.

The dangers of commercial dog foods like these include kidney damage; and possible kidney failure that can result in death.

Even dog foods that are not contaminated in this way can increase the chances of health problems in your dog because of the elevated levels of chemicals, additives, and other unnatural synthetic and often toxic products. However by using wellness pet food, which is made with healthy, organic ingredients that are grown or processed without using pesticides, fertilizers, harmful chemicals. artificial preservatives, flavors, colors, sugar and salt, you can provide your pet with a nutritious diet.

Organic Dog Foods: Protecting Your Dog

No one wants to risk losing their family pet, especially because of the food we have given them, so more and more dog owners are choosing from a variety of organic dog foods for their beloved dogs. Just like organic food for humans, organic dog food is chemical free, all natural, and contains much higher levels of vital nutrients that will keep your dog healthy and strong.

A few of the benefits of switching to organic dog food are:

natural organic dog food

  • Improves digestion. Organic pet food is made with pure ingredients like whole grains and high grade meats instead of fillers and additives found in commercial foods; so it is easy to digest. Dogs who eat organic food tend to have cleaner, more controlled waste elimination too
  • Improves overall wellbeing and life span. It makes sense that a healthy diet makes a healthy dog. Organic foods are rich in nutrients and help your pet live a longer, healthier life. You will notice more energy, a shinier coat, and a playful attitude when you put your dog on an organic diet

  • Sidebar: Other options for dog owners are a raw dog food diet and making your own healthy homemade dog food - both organic of course. These food options take more time, and sometimes more money, than the commercially prepared foods however the benefit is usually healthier, longer-living pets. Well worth it!

    (P.S. Organic, healthy dog food (and pet food) options usually result in fewer trips to the veterinarian - which is a money-saving benefit.)

  • Stronger immune system. The ease of digesting organic food means your pet takes in more of the nutritional value found in the food. With more nutrients, your dog can fight off infections, colds, and other ailments
  • Decreases weight problems. Because organically produced food has a higher nutrition value, your dog will most likely eat less. This, along with the benefit of natural ingredients, creates more energy and results in a dog close to his ideal weight
  • Healthier skin and fur. Chemicals, additives, and other unnatural ingredients found in commercial dog foods can cause allergies or lead to irritating skin afflictions. Organic food can make your dog's hair healthy and strong

Suppliers of High Quality Dog Food:

Below are some examples of suppliers of organic dog foods:

Suppliers in the UK

The Canine Cookie Company specializes in handmade dog treats, as well as a few meals, made from all natural, organic ingredients. Each treat is made of fresh vegetables and fresh, organic meats of the highest quality.

Pero Foods supplies complete organic meal solutions for your dog for a balanced, organic diet and wholesome dog treats made with natural ingredients. Their food range includes varieties for every stage of your dog’s life and the production process is all natural, involving no sort of animal testing.

Suppliers in the US

Natura Pet is a leading supplier of organic dog food (and other pet foods) in the US, creating natural, healthy meal alternatives for your dog that are 95% certified organic. Karma prides themselves on the healthy, environmentally friendly foods they produce.

PetGuard provides a wide range of organic dog foods, with certified organic dry dog food for puppies as well as a general formula ideal for all stages of your dog’s life. You can also find canned organic dog food, dog biscuits and treats, and a variety of organic supplements.

For our detailed article on pet food, as well as more suppliers, please visit Organic Pet Food.

Dog Food Allergies:

Dog allergies are often related to pet food; discuss allergy symptoms with your veterinarian and try to elminate the problem (for example: change the type of food you use; check to see if a chemical-free organic dog food cures the problem). In the meantime, use a natural, homeopathic herbal remedy that relieves dry skin, flakiness and itchiness of your dog's skin.

We recommend a product called, Allergy Itch Ease, which temporarily relieves skin allergies and itch. It is an FDA-registered natural remedy containing 100% homeopathic ingredients known for their ability to soothe and relieve skin itch and allergies, as well as support the health and integrity of all cells and layers of the skin in dogs.

All products are free of gluten, artificial flavors, colorants and preservatives.

Additional Reading: Organic Pet Food

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Why Choose Organic Dog Food?

Many of the chemicals added to commercial dog food are responsible for dog food allergies and skin irritations.

The pesticides and fertilizers used to produce dog food ingredients, along with the unnatural additives and preservatives included in processing, leave harmful toxin traces within the food.

Organic pet food results in healthier, shinier fur and fewer skin problems.

Get fresh - Buy local Click on the image to find an organic food supplier near you.

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