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Favorite Organic White Chocolate Recipes

Organic chocolate is healthier. Try organic white chocolate recipes. Organic food advantages are more taste, nutrition and better growing and processing practices for environmental health.

Organic chocolate is an all-natural, chemical free alternative to commercially produced chocolate.

Organic fair trade chocolate is organically produced in an ethically and socially responsible way.

Like other types of organic food, chocolate made from organic cocoa is much healthier than conventional chocolate.

That's ideal if you are one of those individuals who feel guilty when eating it (less guilt equals more enjoyment).

Organic Food Advantages -
Interesting Facts About Organic Chocolate:

Organically produced chocolate actually contains more essential antioxidants than black tea, while non-organic, commercially produced cocoa beans are grown with more pesticides than any other plant besides cotton!

Consumers who have realised the benefits of organic foods are adding chocolate to their shopping lists. Cocoa growing countries are striving to meet demand. Venezuela is one such country, and has been converting a large portion of its cocoa farms to organic methods in recent years.

The Venezuelan government has conducted about $10 million worth of research concerning organic farming, as well as training to help local cocoa farmers alter their cultivation practices and eliminate the use of synthetic chemicals.

This careful, natural farming has produced pure and rich single bean cocoa that is sought around the world by the finest chocolate producers.

The already high levels of antioxidants found within cocoa are boosted by the nutrient rich soil common to organic cultivation.

Cocoa also contains antibacterial agents that offset the negative effects of the sugars found in chocolate and the sugar used in the organic manufacture of chocolate is free of harmful chemical residue just like the cocoa and other ingredients.

Chocolate made organically is available in a wide range of flavours and many luxurious varieties, including dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and rich champagne truffles. Exotic flavours, like banana, cherry, and ginger, add a hint of adventure to the already intense flavour organic cocoa lends.

Organic chocolates are also used in other consumer favourites, like fine hot chocolate, extravagant coffee, and seasonal treats.

Where to Find Your Chocolate; Organic

Some of the best chocolate in the world can be purchased online, including organic:

  • The Chocolate Trading Company has a wide range of products including organic bars, truffles, and an elegant gift collection. These indulgent chocolates are made with rich and pure single bean cocoa and other completely organic ingredients for an intense chocolate taste like no other.
  • Green and Black's Organic Shop is another quality place to shop for organic chocolate gifts. They feature an expansive selection of gift collections, filled with exotic treats and pleasing extras. Whatever the occasion, youÂ’re sure to find a treat or gift that will bring joy, including champagne collections and cooking sets for chocolate lovers.

    Each piece of chocolate made by Green and Black's is also completely organic, made with the best ingredients. Even the manufacturing process is handled with the utmost care to guarantee the best organically produced and processed chocolate in the world.

If you decide to sample the deep, luxurious flavour of organic chocolate, remember that your body benefits as well as the rest of the planet by choosing organic.

Organic white chocolate can be harder to find but it is well worth the effort. There are some excellent Cheesecake and White Chocolate Recipes to try and to taste! And one of my favorite white chocolate recipes includes strawberries! Try the organic strawberry shortcake recipe with a sprinkling of organic white chocolate in cream (delicious!) in the organic food recipe for desserts of this site.

Don't go overboard though. As with everything, moderation is the best way.

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