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Organic Cat Food is a Healthier Choice

Try Homemade Cat Food Recipes

Organic cat food is better for reducing the risk of pet food allergy. Healthy cat food does not contain chemicals, pesticides, and additives or fillers. Homemade cat food recipes focus on healthy organic ingredients and will help eliminate cat food allergies.

Provide your cat with organic cat food and ensure a healthier pet. Recent recalls on several trusted brands of commercial pet food created a real concern over the harm these heavily processed foods can cause to our family pets.

But the dangers of commercially manufactured pet foods were evident long before these devastating animal tragedies.

Reduce Cat Food Allergies and Improve Your Cat's Health

In 1996, the American Animal Protection Institute published a report containing startling information about food manufacturing practices in the pet food industry. According to their findings,

'pet food manufacturers fail to mention that meat by-products, digests (or animal tissue broken down by chemical enzymatic hydrolysis) and meals are also filled with other substances'

- such as cancerous material cut away from the carcass, styrofoam packaging containing spoiled meat from supermarkets, ear tags, spoiled slaughter meat, road kill and downer animals (which are those that collapse and die from unknown causes).

cat with organic food

Aside from the risks of contamination, commercial pet foods are made of ingredients that contain all sorts of chemicals, including artificial flavouring, pesticides, and hormones.

Residue from these dangerous chemicals has been proven to slow brain development in small children, so it is no wonder the effects can be just as harmful to your favourite feline. Additionally, pet food allergies are commonly linked to the commercial grade foods that contain additives that are not organic and that are not nutritional or beneficial for pets (but are a cheap filler for the commercial pet food producers).

To protect their beloved cats, many owners are opting for organically produced cat food and treats. Those who have switched their cats to an organic cat food diet have found that their pet is happier, healthier, and more active.

Benefits of Organic, Healthy Cat Food

The benefits of organic cat food are actually quite similar to the benefits humans receive from an organic diet:

  • Fewer cat food allergies
  • Improved digestion
  • Higher intake of vital nutrients needed to prevent sickness and disease
  • Decrease in toxins within the body

And organic food is not just better for your cat, it benefits the entire planet. Organic farming eliminates chemicals and implements natural cultivation, practices that lower pollution in the air, soil, and water.

Animals raised for organic food live stress free lives in clean, open spaces and are fed a diet of pure organic feed. An organic diet is the best choice for a healthy, happy life, whether you’re a human being, a cat, a dog, or a bird!

Organically produced cat food is made with wholesome ingredients of the highest quality. The meats, vegetables, and fruits that are put into these foods are good enough for human consumption, so it's no wonder thousands of cat owners are switching to organic food.

There are a variety of ways to find organic cat food, including specialty pet shops and organic markets. There are also organic pet food manufacturers that offer their cat food online. Here are some organic cat food suppliers:

Organic Cat Food: In the UK:

OrganiPets is a small family owned and operated organic pet food manufacturer. Liz, the company’s owner, began making her own organic food for the family pet, a rescue dog named Raffy, to prolong Raffy’s life after being diagnosed with terminal cancer. Raffy had been given 3-6 months to live. Four years later her cancer is still in remission! OrganiPets makes the same quality of food for cats.

In the US:

Newman’s Own Organics produces a line of organic cat food. The company offers premium pet foods made of all natural and organic ingredients. Organic chicken, free of injections and raised on an organic diet, along with rice, grains, and vegetables like peas and carrots, also chemical free, are used to make their wholesome pet foods. Organic cat foods are available in canned and dry varieties from Newman’s Own Organics.

Petguard has been committed to providing pets with toxin free foods for more than 25 years. All natural grains and organic vegetables and meats, including fish and chicken, go into each Petguard meal for a balanced diet that is rich in nutrients. A wide variety of organic cat products are available. Canned and dry organic cat food formulas, supplements, and natural grooming supplies are offered.

Healthy Cat Food

For our detailed article on pet food, as well as more suppliers, please visit Healthy Organic Pet Foods

To better control what your cat eats, consider homemade cat food. It's relatively easy: cooked and chopped chicken mixed with cooked brown rice (ratio of 2 cups chicken to 1 cup rice) plus 1/2 cup of cooked, chopped vegetables. There are raw food diet proponents say that you don't need to cook the meat, and that you should reduce the grains. Whatever you decide, discuss your choice with your veterinarian first.

Your Cat's Health

Cats who have been fed a commercial pet food diet seem to be prone to kidney disease and diabetes. Get more information on kidney support for your cat; this product will discourage routine restlessness and promote soothed behavior. Always consult with your veterinarian before trying home remedies, even herbal and homeopathic remedies.

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Unfortunately, recent news on the health and safety of pet food demonstrates that many pet food manufacturers cut costs by adding fillers and preservatives that are not healthy for your pet. Check out the information on our pet food analysis page to read more. Consider buying organic pet foods or even making your own organic pet food for the health of your pet.

Get fresh - Buy local Click on the image to find an organic food supplier near you.

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