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What Foods are Healthy for Birds?

Organic bird food is the best choice for your pet. What foods are healthy for birds? Buy organic pet supplies and bird food (such as bulk parrot food) from your local pet supplier.

Using organic bird food will help the bird population survive. Birds are one of the most beautiful and entertaining elements of nature; and they are a necessary part of our environment.

For years, we have cultivated flower and vegetable gardens that attract birds and have hung feeders around the yard in hopes of enjoying these beautiful creatures.

organic bird foodUnfortunately, commercial seed and the synthetic, toxic pesticides and fertilizers we use in growing our food can be more harmful to our feathered friends than the average person realizes.

Birds have naturally high metabolism rates and eat generously for their small size. A bird can actually eat more than half of its own body weight in a day!

Small birds accumulate harmful toxins from chemical residue in their bodies much more quickly than humans.

More than 20 different species of birds native to Britain have decreased in number by nearly 50% within the last 25 years. This drastic reduction in population is at least partly blamed on modern farming and forestry practices, especially the risks of chemical toxins.

In the US, 10% of the bird population is killed each year due to pesticides and other chemicals. That's more than 67 million birds dying every year from negligence!

Providing your garden birds, as well as your house birds, with organic bird food can improve these frightening statistics!

Why is Organic Bird Food the Better Choice?

The dangers of conventionally produced bird food and land conventionally farmed on which birds feed include:

  • Neurological problems
  • A variety of allergies
  • Weakened immune systems
  • Several types of cancer
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Intense weight loss
  • Inability to reproduce

What Foods are Healthy For Birds?

Using organically produced bird food for your pet birds, and those that visit your garden, is a way of fighting back against this growing problem threatening the survival of the bird population.

There is a variety of organic bird seed blends, nuts, and even protein rich mealworms, available for a wide species of garden birds, as well as your pets.

Organic bird food is free of pesticides and other chemicals that pose serious dangers to birds and is just as beneficial to the environment.

Organic Pet Supplies: UK Food Suppliers

Harrison Bird Foods in the UK provides premium, certified organic bird food that is made with high quality seeds, nuts, and grains that are safe enough for birds. You can shop online or find your local supplier. The website also has good advice for taking care of birds.

The owner of Vine House Farm tracked the birds around his farm for ten years and watched the number of several species steadily decline. The following winter, Vine House Farm supplied the birds with a healthy feast of organically produced seed and nuts.

The turnout was amazing so the event was repeated the following year. Now, Vine House Farm grows more than 25 varieties of organic produce, as well as 400 acres of organic bird food. Several blends, millet, peanuts, and even mealworms are available.

Organic Pet Supplies: US Food Suppliers

Wild Wings Organic Wild Bird Foods is now owned by Harrison's Bird Foods. This is a category on their website dedicated to Wild Bird foods provides premium seed blends that are certified organic for backyard bird feeders.

Harrison's Bird Food is a leading supplier of organic bird food (such as organic bulk parrot food) for your feathered pets. Harrison's can meet all your dietary needs for parrots, canaries, doves, finches, and other common pet birds. Dr. Greg Harrison's organic bird food has been improving the lives and health of favourite feathered friends across the nation since 1989. Note: Wild Wings is a division of Harrison's.

Make the Best Choice

Nowadays, we are hearing more and more reports of how conventional/intensive farming methods are damaging and decimating the environment; plants, animals and humans. The excuses made by those who profit from these practices usually include a reference to 'feeding the world'.

The fact is there is more than enough food in the world - the problem is that millions of people often have no access to it. This is usually due to war (e.g. on the African continent) and/or corrupt ruling regimes that deny their people food by exporting it for profit (e.g. Ethiopia in the 1970s).

We can fight back against such selfish policies and contribute to the protection of the environment by 'going organic', by reducing waste and by building more sustainable communities.

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Why Choose Organic Bird Food?

Commercially cultivated seeds, fruits, and berries that are typically found in parrot food are laced with all sorts of chemicals.

The pesticides and fertilizers used to grow these ingredients, along with the unnatural additives and preservatives included in processing, leave harmful toxin traces within the food.

Get fresh - Buy local Click on the image to find an organic food supplier near you.

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