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Wholesome Baby Food: Use Organic Foods

Organic baby food is a wholesome baby food. It provides nutrients and eliminates chemicals and other additives. Learn how to make baby food that is nutritious and delicious. If you do not have time for making baby food, buy from organic food retailers.

In using organic baby food, free of chemicals and GM ingredients, you are providing your baby with all the nutritional benefits available, and none of the chemicals, additives and pesticides that come from non-organic foods. Using wholesome baby food will help your baby be healthier; and making baby food or buying organic food has never been easier or more accesible.

What are organic foods and why are they so important to babies? If you don't yet know about the benefits of organic food, you need to do some research on this site in the section on healthy baby food.

mum feeding baby organic foodOrganic baby food recipes, how to make baby food, the effect non-organic baby foods can have on your child, and a healthy baby food store for on-line shopping are some of the site-specific pages on baby food.

Of course, the one thing your baby will be aware of is taste; and organic food tastes better than non-organic.

The natural desire of parents to protect their child from infant food allergies, and for parents to want their children to live an allergy-free life, is closely aligned with a concern about the impact of environmental health hazards. The result: an increase in natural, organic baby food sales.

Fortunately, and wisely, many existing manufacturers of baby food are now producing organic versions; and it has become very easy to find organic food retailers. Even better, there are companies dedicated solely to the production and distribution of organic baby foods and/or other organic baby items.

Organic Food Retailers and Organic Food Companies

Hipp, (a UK-based company) organic food for babies production involves a stringent quality control programme. The contents of each jar is checked up to 260 times throughout production. The lid of each individual jar is stamped with a batch number. This enables the entire history of the content's production to be identified.

dad feeds baby organic food Behind all this is Hipp’s commitment to environmental health.

This is what they say "...protecting the environment and looking after this world for our children has been our prime aim for more than forty years. What began with a commitment to growing organic vegetables has now spread throughout the HiPP culture and become a firm philosophy of environmental management".

The Hipp product range is rich and wide and has everything your baby needs.

You can buy online, at most supermarkets and at other smaller retailers. Full details and a wealth of information and advice on food for your baby can be found on their website.


Ulula (a UK-based company) is an incredibly environmentally aware online company. Underpinning their sales of organic baby food is the belief that "...a healthy environment is established when the land is worked with an understanding of the interaction of nature, universe and human-kind".

Ulula's knowledge of the nutritional needs of infants is vast, and as well as specialising in organic milk formula, jars (fruit, vegetables and meat), porridges and finger foods, they have vegan, gluten free and allergy aware ranges.

You can buy online, by phone or through the post.

Full details on their website.

Ella's Kitchen

Ella's Kitchen (a UK-based company) makes natural and healthy 100% organic food for babies and children; packaged for home use or for when you are on the 'run' and need to provide your children with healthy food and snacks.

The company mandate is "We’re committed to understanding the role of all 5 senses in developing healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime." And Ella's has a very focused mission statement: "Our mission is to develop healthy eating habits that last a lifetime by offering a range of tasty, natural and healthy 100% organic foods for babies and kids, which are handy for mums and dads and fun for little ones."

You can also use the all-organic, healthy baby food store on this site. The US Healthy Baby Food Store is for shipping in the United States. The UK Healthy Baby Food Store will be set up shortly and is for shipping in the UK.

The best control you can have over what your baby eats is if you learn how to make baby food that is organic and natural in your own kitchen. Making baby food from organic fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy and poultry is not difficult and really does not take a lot of time.

However, if you have a limited amount of time then you may wish to purchase organic and wholesome baby food through online organic stores, through wholesale organic stores, organic farmers markets and/or organic food retailers. Organic food is easy to access.

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