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Natural Organic Dog Food

Reduce Dog Food Allergies

Natural organic dog food is a good choice and will lower the risk of dog food allergies; use organic dry dog food. Organic natural dog food recipes need to be high in organic meat and low in fillers.

Natural organic dog food is the best type of food available for your dog: it is the best of both worlds! Many people ask for it for their pets but aren't really sure what it is. Organic food is not the same thing as natural food.

Natural refers to the way a pet food is processed rather than the ingredients. A food that is free of additives and preservatives, but contains commercially-produced ingredients, is considered natural.

Organic Dry Dog Food is Most Common;
Though You Can Buy Fresh or Frozen at Some Specialty Stores

Organic food contains primarily organic ingredients, while natural foods may be made with items grown with the aid of chemicals as well as genetically modified ingredients.

natural organic dog food

So, when buying organic pet food you are getting the 'natural' element too, but without the commercially produced or GM ingredients. In another sense then, the term ‘natural organic dog food’ can be a good one to use.

Organic dog food has seen increased popularity since the massive US pet food recall in 2007. A variety of dog food brands (budget and premium) contained contaminated wheat gluten that caused severe health complications in hundreds, possibly thousands, of animals.

The tainted pet food, which was sold for at least 3 months before the recall, was responsible for kidney failure in dogs and cats across the US. News must have crossed the Atlantic because the same thing happened here in the UK and across Europe.

Natural organic dog food has been proven to be the best option to keep your family pets safe from the dangers of toxins, chemicals, and possible contamination at feeding time.

Commercial pet foods already contain additives, preservatives, and often unsanitary meats. The recent recalls due to contamination were an eye-opener for most pet owners.

The Benefits of Natural Organic Dog Food

Your dog's diet is just as critical to his health as your diet is to your health. The thought of losing the family friend simply because of a poor diet is not something most pet owners care to consider, explaining the rising trend toward natural dog food and organic pet products.

Organic pet food holds many of the same benefits as an organic diet for humans. Natural pet food is free of synthetic chemical residues that can cause illness, and contain higher levels of the nutrients your dog needs for a healthy life. There are a number of other benefits:

  • Organic dog food is made using quality ingredients, without fillers and additives. This natural blend is much easier on your dog’s stomach, meaning cleaner bowel movements and fewer digestive problems
  • Easier digestion means your dog absorbs more of the nutrients he needs to stay healthy. A natural diet boosts your pet’s immune system so your dog has fewer colds, infections, and other complications
  • When your pet takes in more nutrients with each meal, he or she will typically eat less. The lack of additives and preservatives gives your friend more energy. Overall, natural dog food helps your pet maintain a healthy weight
  • Many of the chemicals added to commercial dog food are responsible for dog food allergies and skin irritations. Organic pet food results in healthier, shinier fur and fewer skin ailments
  • Natural and organic dog food provides a wealth of benefits and improves the overall health and wellbeing of your pet. Less sickness, more energy, and a happier, healthier dog are the results of a natural diet

Pet Food Supplies: Buying the Best Food

There are a variety of natural organic pet food suppliers around the world that offer organic pet food:

In the UK:

  • The Canine Cookie Company bakes gourmet organic treats for dogs of all sizes.
  • Pero Foods also creates a wide selection of complete organic diets for dogs and cats.

In the US:

  • PetGuard offers both dry and canned organic natural dog food, as well as organic treats and dog biscuits.
  • Natura Pet Foods offers US pet owners certified organic dog food and treats - you have to search for them on their site as they have a number of brands; they also carry more natural brands that are not certified organic.

In addition to buying natural organic dog food, you can also make your own organic, natural dog food recipes or dog biscuits or treats.

When you make your own dog food and treats you can control the ingredients and ensure that no unhealthy additives, chemicals and fillers become part of your dog's diet.

Dog Food and Dog Food Allergies

Allergies in dogs often are related to dog food; it's important to discuss allergy symptoms with your veterinarian and to try to elminate the problem (that is, change the type of food and see if a more natural organic dog food cures the problem). In the meantime, consider using a natural, homeopathic herbal remedy that relieves dry skin, flakiness and itchiness of your canine's skin.

We recommend a product called, Allergy Itch Ease, which temporarily relieves skin allergies and itch. It is an FDA-registered natural remedy containing 100% homeopathic ingredients known for their ability to soothe and relieve skin itch and allergies, as well as support the health and integrity of all cells and layers of the skin in cats and dogs.

All products are free of gluten, artificial flavors, colorants and preservatives.

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Why Choose Organic Dog Food?

Many of the chemicals added to commercial dog food are responsible for dog food allergies and skin irritations.

The pesticides and fertilizers used to produce dog food ingredients, along with the unnatural additives and preservatives included in processing, leave harmful toxin traces within the food.

Organic pet food results in healthier, shinier fur and fewer skin problems.

Get fresh - Buy local Click on the image to find an organic food supplier near you.

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