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Homemade Baby Food - Simple, Affordable and Healthy

Making organic baby food is simple, inexpensive and healthy for your child. Use organic baby food recipes and a baby food mill or baby food grinder to make healthy, homemade baby food.

Organic homemade baby food produces better tasting and healthier food for your baby. The benefits of organic food have been debated for several years but, until just recently no one was really 100% sure that organic foods really were healthier than commercial, non-organic foods.

Research and studies comparing organic and non-organic foods have been more controlled, as well as more accurate, in the past few years and have proven that organic foods really are more nutritious.

Organic farming practices ensure natural soil that is free of harmful chemicals and full of rich nutrients not commonly found on commercial farms.

Why Making Organic Baby Food?

Current research has proven a number of health benefits of organic food, including:

  • Increased levels of essential minerals, like iron, calcium, and magnesium
  • More vitamin C for stronger immune systems
  • Higher amounts of antioxidants that prevent several types of cancer
  • Minimized, or eliminated, food allergy incidents
  • Some medical professionals believe there is a strong relationship between food and colic in babies. The high amount of chemicals, additives and preservatives in our food system passes from mother to child through breast feeding. When the mother eats a healthy, organic diet, baby seems to have much fewer incidents of colic.

As babies grow into infants it is important to continue to provide natural, organic foods for a healthy diet.

For example, organic tomatoes were found to have twice as many natural flavonoids than non-organic tomatoes, significantly lowering the chances of heart disease. According to these new observations, just 2 to 3 servings of organic fruit can give you all the nutrients you would receive from the recommended 5 servings of non-organic fruit. Today, the recommended daily requirements of fruit and vegetables is 11 to 13 servings! This is up from 5 to 7 because the fruit and vegetables grown today non-organically do not have the nutrients needed.

What About Baby? Organic Baby Food Recipes

making organic baby foodWith all the benefits of organic food, you can see why it is the best choice for you, as well as your family. Organic foods are especially good for your baby.

Not only is organic baby food more nutritious, you can feel good about giving your little one all natural ingredients that are free of the chemical residues from pesticides and fertilizers found in processed baby foods.

Making organic baby food is the best way to give your baby a healthy, nutritious diet and it is actually quite simple to do. Homemade baby food is also a less expensive and much fresher alternative to processed foods.

Organic baby food recipes are simple and easy - because the ingredients are really the fruit or vegetable alone.

For example, make organic apple sauce by using organic apples (usually a mix of apples is best for flavor). I use 2 apples (because I don't like to make too much at one time - fresher is better). Peel, core, chop and then blend or chop in a blender. Add a little water as necessary for consistency. Do not add sugar or other additives.

This will make 1/2 cup to 3/4 cup of apple sauce - feed your baby 4 tablespoons of apple sauce and then you can freeze the remainder in an ice cube tray (if you don't plan on using it within 24 hours). When ready to use, defrost the cubes and serve at room temperature to your baby.

Before you get started preparing your baby's first organic meal, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Most infants prefer yellow or orange fruits and vegetables, like bananas and sweet potatoes;
  • Green vegetables, like peas or green beans, are usually less appealing but may be blended with other favourites for a better reaction;
  • Certain ingredients, including eggs, honey, and peanuts, should not be included in your child's diet until he is at least one year old (check with your doctor for specific instructions);
  • A few seasonings can add flavour to your baby's diet, but avoid making organic baby food with spices that may be harsh on his/her mouth or stomach. And quite frankly, I prefer feeding babies with no spices or flavorings at all - let them taste the full organic flavor!

More details on Making Organic Baby Food, Part 2 will provide information on 'how to' make homemade baby food.

Your Baby's Health

Feeding your baby healthy, organic food will help your child's health. However all babies go through teething periods, food allergies and stomach ailments, and many suffer through colic (although some medical professionals believe that colic is a reaction to the foods babies eat). One treatment that will make your baby feel better is a massage.

A massage can relax and soothe your baby. It can improve skin circulation. And it can calm your baby during stressful times. Regular massage does help your baby through stressful times (colic, teething, and more).

Use Blissful Baby Aromatic Massage Oil to improve circulation, soothe skin irritations and promote relaxation in babies: it is a herbal, holistic remedy and is FDA approved.

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