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Holy Basil Herb

Organic Holy Basil is Good For You

The holy basil herb is also known as Tulsi; it is used in holy basil tea and holy basil extract. The benefits of holy basil are in its anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties. Is organic food better? Grow, buy, and use organic herbs and teas.

Holy basil herb is one of the herbs and spices that is admired for both its taste, and its spiritual benefits. Called Tulsi in Sanskrit, holy basil has religious significance to Hindus, who also use it regularly in natural healing remedies.

The Benefits of Holy Basil: Basics

Holy basil has many branches and tiny purple flowers. It comes in both red and green, the red variety being more potent aromatically. From a medicinal standpoint, there are several benefits of holy basil including its use as an anti-inflammatory, detoxifier, and anti-microbial agent. Other applications include treating respiratory infections, fever, asthma, ear ache, pains, and diabetes.

The holy basil herb supports the immune system and nerve functions while decreasing a person’s risk for cancer.

Tea Time! Holy Basil Tea and Holy Basil Extract

Tulsi tea or holy basil extract has a tonic effect on the body. Tonic derives from the word 'tone' - i.e. improving the body’s basic functions, improving overall health, and decreasing stress related disorders. Some would say that tea is not only great for the body and mind, but also the spirit. When life is filled with irritating issues, holy basil tea might be just the fix you need!

Is Organic Food Better?

As an herb mentioned in Sanskrit texts, holy basil is among the world’s oldest known herbs. It is an integral component in Ayurveda; it is considered a life-giving tonic that promotes longevity. Besides the internal applications for holy basil herb, people have made the leaves into poultices for its anti-bacterial quality, and even spread the juices on their skin to keep insects at bay.

Holy basil is easily grown organically (that's how it started). As this herb is used in healing, an organically grown Tulsi plant is much healthier and better for you than one that is commercially (and often chemically) grown and packaged.

Make this herb part of your organic herb garden plans. Start this plant from organic seed in the Spring time (mid to late April depending on the climate - it needs warmth) - you can start the seeds indoors or in a greenhouse (or even grow this herb indoors year long) and then transplant to your garden.

Water daily - particularly until the seeds sprout (a couple of weeks). The plant needs good sun, rich organic soil and lots of water. Once germinated, thin out the seedlings to about 1 to 2 feet apart. Holy basil is considered good luck and is often grown near the front door of a home (so that the luck is close to the entrance of the house).

Holy Basil Herb: What's Cooking?

Holy basil is a culinary herb that appears in a lot of Thai cuisine. While it’s a little different than the basil commonly used in cooking, Holy basil works very well in stir fry dishes. Remember to TASTE this herb before using it. It is not a good substitute for regular basil.

Precautions in the Use of Holy Basil

Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, and children under 6 should not use Tulsi. It also seems to have a negative interaction with acetaminophen. Always discuss the use of all alternatives to traditional medicine with your medical doctor; there may be some interactions with other products.

Generally a 300 mg tablet of Tulsi can be added safely to one’s diet daily. Or you can enjoy a cup of holy basil tea using one tsp. of herb to a cup of water.

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