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Environmental Health Hazards, Part 3
Damage from Intensive Farming:

The Negative Impact of Agriculture Pesticides and Chemicals

There are serious environmental health hazards in agriculture pesticides and a number of commercial efficiencies. Use organic farming facts and research to build an organic farming gardening program.

Environmental Health Hazards: Pollution

In 2006, with growing environmental hazards and with global warming a major issue, the UK Environment Agency published a booklet entitled, "Costs and Charges for the Intensive Livestock Sector under the Pollution Prevention and Control (PPC) charging scheme".

Acknowledging the extent of pollution caused by intensive livestock feeding, the agency decided to deal with it by charging the 'factory farmers'.

Having seen the industrialized nations tackling problems by fining people and organizations, the effect will likely be to increase the wealth of national treasuries. That’s another matter though.

The statistics the environment agencies quote make startling reading. For example,

Intensive farming

Intensive farming

Intensive farming

Feed Plant

Feed plant pollution

Picking through that extract, we find that intensive livestock production causes damage to soil, vegetation and - what’s that - human health?

The Outcome of Environmental Health Hazards

Expanding on those three damage recipients, in order to get a fuller picture and a more realistic conclusion, it wouldn’t be fantastic to say that this pollution damages all aspects of environmental health; land, water, air and all living creatures.

The extent of the damage to the environment is made clear in an FAO report that states:

Intensive farming

Intensive farming

Organic Farming Facts: Intensive Farming is
Not Good for the Environment

Factory or intensive farming is a system that is geared to producing the highest output at the lowest cost. Such systems are never sustainable - there is always a price to pay. We are paying the price in terms of damage to our environment from pollution.

As well as causing environmental damage, intensive livestock farming results in inferior products. Factory farmed animals suffer stress and trauma, and are injected with an abundance of synthetic drugs including growth hormones and anti-biotics. Are we to believe that the meat produced from them is not affected?

And what about disease? Avian flu has already taken human life. Creutsfeld-Jacob is believed by many to derive from BSE infected meat. It is widely reported that the number of organisms resistant to anti-biotics is increasing rapidly.

For the last 50-60 years it has been the citizens of rich countries in the West that have 'enjoyed' factory-farmed meat as a daily part of their diet. Now we have billions more people from China, India and other developing countries about to demand the same.

A pandemic in which an anti-biotic resistant disease sweeps across the globe is a real possibility.

It is necessary to build a sustainable agriculture plan, based on organic farming gardening and organic food market growth, to reduce environmental health hazards.

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