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Prevent Child Allergies

Prevent Infant Food Allergies:
Breast Feeding Mothers Need to Drink Organic Milk

Many child allergies are related to child or baby food diet. For some babies, infant food allergies start early (for example, commercial infant milk formulas can result in infant milk allergy). Organic food (including organic milk) and a diet free of chemicals and additives for breast feeding mums is important for baby’s health.

Child allergies can be challenging to deal with; and do not necessarily go away as children grow older. In fact, as adults, many of us develop allergies that are often rooted in environmental issues from our childhood. Treating those allergies is challenging.

Sure, sometimes allergies can be controlled, but isn't it a hassle to need to avoid something? And some of us have such reactions that, if we even come close to what we're allergic to, we'll suffer a near fatal reaction.

child allergies

Well, a new study indicates that while we might not be able to get rid of our own allergies right now, we may be able to protect our children against allergies and other illnesses, like asthma.

Child allergies have been on the increase for years and are a challenge for both children and parents (and other care givers) to cope with.

Child Allergies and Baby Food Diet

A link has been found between what lactating mothers drink, what their children drink after breast feeding, and child allergies; and it's been shown that drinking organic milk while lactating, and feeding that milk to your child, may decrease the risk of the child developing allergies. Read more.

Women who drank organic milk produced more of an antibody that protected the child against health problems like allergies (including infant milk allergy), asthma, and other health issues that would stay with the child throughout their entire life.

This link, scientists think, may open up new health discoveries; and the results of this study are leading towards the benefits of organic food for everyone. There is new hope that organic food can help improve and perhaps prevent child allergies, and also provide relief for other conditions, both mental and physical.

The difference between processed foods and/or chemically produced foods and organic food is showing to be significant for the health and well being of all individuals, but particularly for more vulnerable (health-wise) children. This connection between organic food, child allergies (in particular, infant food allergies) and improving child sensitivities is also being found to be relevant for adults.

For babies and infants, it is important to ensure that they have the best organic baby food diet available; first through mother's breast milk, and after with the introduction of solid foods.

Often, it is difficult to find the cause of your child's allergy symptoms. Start by eliminating all non-organic foods: those foods with chemicals, preservatives, additives, and antibiotics in them. Then slowly take away (and later add back) foods that are known to cause allergic reactions in many children: grains, milk, nuts for example. You can substitute soy milk, or quinoa, or almonds (for peanuts) and see if it makes a difference. Always consult a doctor as you go through this process - allergies can be life threatening.

What can you do if you're not an infant, and find your allergies acting up?

Organic Food Can Help Child Allergies

Well, organic food may help with allergies to the additives in foods. There are no additives allowed in true organic food, save government regulated additives, like vitamin B and iron.

And it's shown that the same food colourings and additives that are banned from healthy organic food are known to cause a whole plethora of health issues in both adults and children. Allergies are a classic example, even in adults who have never experienced them before. Read more.

Eating true certified organic foods cuts back on your exposure to those harmful additives, which can mean less allergic reactions and fewer headaches.

But maybe you're thinking, additives aren't that bad! The government lets us eat them, after all. Right? Well, think again: while around 300 additives are actually permitted in the food we eat, only around 30 are allowed under Soil Association standards. Why would this be?

Because of the known dangers of these additives! Near countless studies have shown that additives can cause incredibly negative health effects, like asthma and growth retardation, even hyperactivity.

But these negative foods are allowed in what many of us eat each and every day, because it's good for the companies who make money from them. Add a little colouring here to make it look nice, throw in some additives so it will stay on the shelves a little longer... the risk/reward for the producers has been minimal to-date - it is hard to prove the effect of the additives because it is hard to prove which one of many cause the result.

The benefits are clear: organic food can reduce your risk (and your family's risk) of allergic reaction. There are only a few studies to-date on this subject but they seem to support that those who regularly eat organic foods enjoy an improvement in their allergic reactions and sensitivities.

While this data hasn't yet been confirmed, more studies are looking into the possibility; which means good things and many breakthroughs in the science of food and the relationship to health.

With so many positive effects, why don't more people eat organic foods? In fact, organic food is the largest growing food sector in the world, as more and more people realize the true benefits of organic food on both health and the environment.

What better time to start then now?

Help for All Allergy Sufferers

There are some allergies that are not directly food related; hayfever and seasonal airborne allergies for example. You can treat those allergies with a natural, holistic herbal remedy called AllergiClear, for natural allergy relief.

AllergiClear is safe for children, approved by the FDA and is a herbal remedy to help minimize the effects of allergies. We recommend discussing this allergy treatment with your doctor before using.

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