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Why Buy Organic Food?

A List of Healthy Food Sources

Buy organic food from local organic food retailers, organic food stores, and organic food mail order. If buying online, choose from a list of healthy food (organic) and your order will be delivered to your door.

Organic food is healthier (for you and the environment) than commercially or industrially produced foods. Buy organic food to enjoy the health benefit; and check the labeling to ensure that the product is grown locally (or as close to 'home' as possible).

The research has been done and it shows that organic food is more nutritious.

Why Buy Organic Food? Some Research:

In 2000, Patrick Holden of the Soil Association told the BBC that:

  • Researchers say there is now firm evidence that organically-grown produce is healthier to eat than conventional crops ...research has shown that they contain more secondary metabolites than conventionally-grown plants.

  • Secondary metabolites are substances which form part of plants' immune systems and which also help to fight cancer in humans. Mr. Holden said organic crops also have a measurably higher level of vitamins, and that this can benefit people who eat them. By contrast, he said, "intensive farming is devitalising our food".

Full BBC article, 2000

Despite this high profile announcement on the proven benefits of organic food to human health, worried intensive farming supporters rallied against it. Now though, we have undisputable evidence of organic food benefits.

In October 2007, preliminary results from a 4-year research programme showed that:

  • Organic food has a higher nutritional value than ordinary produce, a study by Newcastle University has found. A team grew fruit, vegetables, and reared cattle on adjacent organic and non-organic sites across Europe.

    They found up to 40% more anti-oxidants could be found in organic fruit and vegetables than in non-organic ...The four-year "Quality Low Input Food" project, funded by a 12 million pound European Union grant, found a general trend, showing that organic food contained "less of the baddies" than conventional produce.

    Part of the research was carried out on a 724-acre farm in the Tyne valley, which is attached to Newcastle University, where the team systematically investigated produce from the two farming techniques.

    Project co-ordinator Professor Carlo Leifert, said: "we have shown there are more of certain nutritionally desirable compounds and less of the baddies in organic foods, or improved amounts of the fatty acids you want and less of those you don't want".

Full BBC article,2007

A List of Healthy Food:
The Organic and Non-Organic Food Comparison

It has been widely accepted for years that there are higher levels of vitamin C in certain organically grown vegetables and fruit. Find out more information on the health and safety benefits of eating organic foods as compared to conventionally produced foods.

In Italy in 2002, a study found that organically raised chicken contained higher levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids, including 38% more of the highly beneficial Omega 3, than found in factory-farmed chicken.

The free-range element of organic farming affected the meat as well. Compared to the non-organic, non-free range chickens, the organic/free range contained 65% less fat! And less fat typically means that when you buy your chickens buy the pound you are actually buying more meat, rather than fat.

In 2007, the findings of a four-year EU study were published. The results proved conclusively that organic farming produces healthier and safer foods. The benefits of organic foods are significant - both to you and to the environment.

It is believed that the Food Standards Agency (FSA), the influential food safety watchdog in the UK, will change their stance as a result of these latest findings.

Until now the FSA has refused to acknowledge the benefits of organic food. They will have difficulty holding that neutral position in the face of the most recent study results on the benefits of organic foods.

Where to Buy: Organic Food Retailers, Organic Food Stores, and Online or Organic Food Mail Order

World wide, millions of us have already made our mind up, and are now buying organic food to the tune of $40 billion USD per year.

Buy organic food to provide you and your family with more nutritious food. Organic foods can be bought directly from farmers markets, through an organic food supplier near you (often these suppliers offer home delivery box programs), or buy organic food online (although be careful and check out the site thoroughly before buying and paying).

Affordable organic food is available, you need to plan your shopping and Buy Affordable Organic Food in a smart way that ensures no waste and that stretches your food budget, while providing you with healthier and tastier food.

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Soil with a good population of worms in it is a healthy soil. If your existing soil has plenty of worms then you just need to keep them happy while your vegetables grow.

Worms in your soil keep it aerated and maintain a functioning drainage system. Worms are, in effect, tilling your soil.

Worms do not destroy the soil structure or pollute the environment with petrol fumes and residues (as heavy machinery do).

By creating space with their burrowing, worms allow air to circulate, water to drain, and roots to grow.

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